5 Benefits of Motorised Blinds in Singapore


Blinds are the ideal solution for keeping sunlight from peeking through your windows, which helps keep out too much heat and light. While you may be used to the kind of blind with slats and a cord, technology has evolved and created a new type of blinds. Motorised blinds from Singapore introduce a new kind of convenience and design for homeowners. Here are the five benefits of motorised blinds.

1. Best For Those with Mobility Issues

One of the best aspects of motorised blinds is accessibility. It may be challenging or painful for those with mobility issues to keep pulling a cord to get their blinds at a certain height. This limitation is a larger struggle for those who live alone and can’t ask anyone to manage the blinds for them. But motorised blinds from Singapore are praised for their inclusivity towards those who struggle to move normally, and they view it as a considerable change in their quality of life.

2. Cordless Design Keeps Children and Pets Safe

Blinds with cords can be a safety hazard for households with children or pets. If the cord is easy enough to reach, they could play with it and accidentally get tangled up, leading to many terrifying scenarios. With motorised blinds, there are no cords for them to play with, so it’s a much safer option. Plus, you can get customised blinds by asking your preferred blinds provider to print a specific pattern or art onto the blinds, which can be entertaining for your children.

3. Convenience

Many modern homes have windows in places that are challenging to reach. While it results in a beautifully designed home, it can be a hassle in practice because you can’t get to your blinds. With motorised blinds from Singapore, you only need to click a button on your remote or app, and the blinds will go up or down as you please.

4. Schedule Your Blinds

Many people want bedroom blinds to help them sleep better but don’t want blackout blinds because they find the shift from total darkness to sunlight overwhelming or too sudden. The solution? Get motorised blinds and schedule them to start slowly raising during the morning. This method helps you sleep better and wake up more gradually. You can use the scheduling function for many other uses, too.

5. Indoor and Outdoor Compatible

Motorised blinds from Singapore aren’t just for the indoors. You can install them outside on your verandahs and patios. You can lower your blinds when these areas are not in use, keeping dust and insects out. You can also use them in your garden areas for plants who dislike too much sunlight.

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