5 Hidden Benefits of Installing a New Roof


The roof is a vital support of a building that protects the interior spaces and it also helps walls to remain erect. A damaged roof can cause immense discomfort to residents of the house and it is also dangerous as the house can collapse at anytime. Therefore, it is best to install a new roof to avoid all such negative circumstances. House owners need to find a professional who is an expert in residential roofing so that the new roof lasts longer and renders all the following benefits.  

1. Boosts the property value – 

A house with a new roof is always more preferable to buyers than a building with an old, battered roof. The price of a residential house with an old roof is much lower since the new owner will need to spend on replacing it very soon. Thus, a house owner can negotiate for a better price when his property is covered by a new roof that will last for years.

2. Offers good insurance coverage – 

All insurance companies tend to provide much lesser or even no coverage for houses having roofs aging more than 20 years. Hence, owners of old houses should add new roofs to their homes, to get satisfactory coverage on their home insurance policies. They need to contact their insurance companies to know what kinds of roofs are acknowledged for the best insurance coverage.  

3. Improves the external look of the house – 

When it is time to install a new roof, the house owner should be careful in choosing the right kind of roof. It needs to match the architectural style and external color scheme existing in that building. So, the materials and shades of roof shingles should be chosen carefully, to make the house stand out in the neighborhood. 

4. Makes home more energy-efficient – 

A new roof retains the temperature maintained indoors by the air conditioning appliance. Thus, air conditioners are not needed to run continuously, saving a lot of electrical energy. A large amount of money is saved on the monthly utility bills of houses where new roofs are installed.

5. Offers better protection to the home – 

A new roof protects all the interior features and prevents damages caused by leakage and molds. Each new roof is provided with a warranty of multiple years, which is another security for a house and saves money of the owner if any repair of the roof is needed during the warranty period. The non-slippery surface of a new roof prevents accidental fall of anyone while climbing to the rooftop. 

Therefore, the replacement of an old roof should not be neglected and it should be done by a competent roofer who can suggest the best roof for a house. 


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