5 Tips for finding best tree surgeon in Lincolnshire


The trees in your garden, backyard and parks are an important asset and form a vital part of your surroundings. Ensuring the optimum health of your trees is vital and hugely significant. If you find that trees in your garden have been affected by any disease or any other problem then you might need to hire a specialist to solve that problem. If the DIY methods work then well and good. However, there are various scenarios where DIY doesn’t work and you need the expertise of a tree surgeon to solve the issues related to the health and well-being of the trees in your garden.

Finding the right tree surgeon

The tree surgeon also known as an arborist is essentially a professional in the field of arboriculture that is nothing but management, cultivation and the study of various shrubs, trees, vines and other forms of perennial plants in horticulture and dendrology. The line of work for an arborist is restricted to individual trees and plants instead of harvesting wood or managing the forests. Here are some of the top tips for finding the best arborist or tree surgeon in Lincolnshire.

Do your research

If you are looking for a tree surgeon for your trees in the area of Lincolnshire then it is important to do your own bit of research before deciding on hiring the services of any specific professional. As it is you will find a number of different tree surgeons in your area that are well qualified and not some not so much, for the job. However, you must not directly hire any arborist randomly. It is important that you talk to the different arborists, listen to their views, ask questions and get their estimates before you go on to make a final decision.

Cooperative and approachable

The arborist that you want to hire for your trees should be easily approachable, highly responsive to your queries and lay all out all the parameters as well as scenarios in a transparent and simple manner. The tree surgeon must also listen to your concerns and queries so that you are fully satisfied with the proposed plan which will help you in making the right decision. You must also ask for the costs and estimates based on your specific case and situation.


It is important that the tree surgeon you are hiring is properly certified by the relevant authorities. The arborist should at least be ISA or OSHA certified. This certification essentially means that the tree surgeon has done a proper course to learn the different aspects of trees and keeping them healthy.

Following the schedule

Before you hand over the job to the tree surgeon you must ensure that the arborist guarantees to finish the work within a specific time frame so that there is planned and linear work on your affected trees.


The tree surgeon must follow all the necessary safety protocols as well as guidelines as prescribed the quality standards of ISA and OSHA to ensure full efficiency and optimum output.

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