7 Things Needed In A Kid’s Study Room 


Learning new things is fun, but it is not always exciting for most people. If you notice your child is bored or becoming lazy studying, put your lecture card off the table. Remember that children nowadays are different. The more you lecture them, the more they will not listen to you.

What you need to do to encourage your child to study is to provide a quiet space for them to do so. A dedicated area can help them focus and sharpen their minds. Besides a study table with shelves, there are other things needed in a kid’s study room.

7 Things Needed At A Kid’s Study Room

1. Install A World Map On The Wall

Instead of looking at a rolled paper world map, your child can view every country in detail with a larger map. A world map as big as a wall can take your kid’s study room to the next level. Consider adding a library ladder so it would not be hard for your child to look at the top part of the world map.

2. Use Chalkboard Paint

Besides installing a world map on the wall, you can also create a massive chalkboard by painting one side of the room with chalkboard paint. To make it efficient, place it beside the study table with shelves. That way, your child is a step away from using the chalkboard wall.

3. Add More Bookshelf

As your child grows older, the more books they will read. Having another bookcase in Singapore in their study room will give them additional storage space for books. They can also use this to place all the awards and medals they have received.

4. Set A Wardrobe

Apart from the bookshelf in Singapore, a wardrobe cabinet will come in handy. You can store their school uniforms separately from their regular clothes. Your child will not have a hard time looking for their school uniform when they need to wear it.

5. Design A Reading Nook

To maximise the space of your child’s study room, consider designing a reading nook near the bookcase and wardrobe in Singapore.  That way, they can quickly change their clothes and get another book once they finish reading the other one.

6. Hang A Bulletin Board

On top of the study table with shelves, you can also hang a bulletin board. Your child can place sticky notes there, reminding them about their priority.

7. Mount File Holders

Another thing you need to add besides the study table with shelves is file holders. Your child can organise their assignments to-do, in progress, and completed work. They can quickly recognise if they have some left work they have not done throughout the day.

Consider buying different colours of file holders so your child can differentiate where to place their homework.

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