Are Curtains Or Blinds Better?


One commonly overlooked aspect of our home is curtains and blinds Singapore. Curtains and blinds are something we choose once when we move into a new house and keep them there until they need to be replaced.

When shifting into a new place, you might be wondering whether you should install curtains and blinds. Here are some considerations and which might be more suitable for you depending on your priorities.

Interior Style

When choosing a curtain or blind, it is important to consider the interior style and look of the room you are going for.

In general, curtains or more easily suited to a wide range of interior styles as it comes in a variety of thickness, designs and colours to fit you room. For example, sheet curtains can create a spacious minimalist look while heavy velvet curtains can provide a more formal official feel.

Blinds are also minimalist and clean. For examples, Venetian blinds gives rooms a hotel feel while vertical blinds can make a room have office vibes.

For greater flexibility to suit the interior style of your room, curtains come in a greater variety to create the mood you would like to set.


Are curtains or blinds cheaper? The answer is it depends. Soft lightweight fabric curtains are typically cheaper than blinds. Curtains are also easier to install compared to blinds which might incur extra costs. 

Velvet and other heavier weight curtains are usually more costly compared to blinds.


Curtains and blinds are a hassle to clean. For curtains, you can easily throw them into the washing machine, depending on the type of material of your curtains. They can also be vacuumed while still remaining hung on the window.

On the other hand, dust often accumulates on the slats of blinds over time. Each slat has to be cleaned manually. However, roller blinds are easier to maintain as they can be wiped easily.

If you want to minimise manual cleaning, fabric curtains are a better option compared to blinds. However, curtains are more likely to fade from sunlight and washing. Thus, they while they are easier to clean, they might need to be replaced more frequently than blinds which are more durable.


Light Control

One of the main purpose of curtains and blinds is to block out light. While curtains are great at blocking out light completely, they are not as effective in controlling the amount of light that is allowed to enter the room. 

Blinds can be adjusted to allow the desired amount of sunlight in depending on the light intensity that day. On the other hand, curtains can only either be completely open or close.

As a result if you desire to block out light, curtains are a better option. If you want to control the amount of light entering a room evenly, blinds are more efficient.

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