Basic Home Decor Rules To Follow For Giving A New Look To Your Home


Planning the home decor is difficult if you don’t do it properly. There are many choices, options and items available in the home decor. You have to select each thing very carefully. When you plan to decorate your home, you must look for some rules that make your decoration work easy, as there are many items like chandeliers, mirrors, rugs, and art pieces available to use in the home decor. But you can not use all of the things in the home. So to avoid the mass, it is best to look into some rules for your home decor that can give your home a complete new look.

Here are some rules and ideas that you can use when decorating your home.

Hang at Least One Mirror in Every Room

Mirrors are beneficial in home decor. They can make your room feel bigger and brighter. When you use the mirror in your home, they make the light bounce around your home. When choosing the mirror for your house, you must select the right size and material for the mirror. You can use the original Murano glass in your home, as they are best and also make your space brighter.

When you are putting the mirror on your wall, choose the wall that is perpendicular to windows. When you place the mirror opposite the window, then the lighthouse out of the window, so selecting the right place for the mirror as one wrong place can ruin your decoration.

Wall art for your room

Your home walls look bad if you put wrong art on them. Choosing the right art pieces is necessary to make your home more beautiful and eye-catching. You can use the Murano art glass for your home art. They are the best option to use in the home art décor and come in a wide range.

If your wall is large and wide, you choose a big art piece. If you don’t want to place a big art piece, you can go for multiple small art pieces, but select the miniature art pieces by coordinating colour and design. Also when you are using various small art pieces, place them close to each, don’t place them too far from each other.

Home Lighting

Home lighting is very important and plays a vital role in your home decor. You can use different lamps and chandeliers in your house to give it a perfect look and lighting. 

You can use different sizes and shapes in your rooms to solve the lighting. And for your living room or dining room go for a chandelier.  A vast range of Murano lamps and chandeliers are available for your home decor. You can use them. Keep in mind to use the right size and style of light and chandeliers so they can provide you proper lighting.

Final words

You can follow some rules for your home decor to make it more beautiful and stylish. You can use Certified Murano Glass or Murano Blown Glass to make your home decor attractive and nice. Murano Art Glass is also best to use in home decor. 


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