Classic wardrobe closet design ideas


A well designed cupboard should act like a piece of customised furniture, fitting into any space to offer maximum storage solutions.  You need to choose the best design that converts any space into isolated cupboard, offering functionality and added storage.  Custom designed closets are the one that come with adjustable shelves, hampers, baskets, drawers that look tailor-made as per your requirements.  You can also choose speciality lighting options to increase the functionality, while upholding the overall cupboards design.

Some of the classic and very functional closet design ideas are listed below.

Built-in wardrobe

A modern clean lines and colour palette give such built-in closets a minimalistic appeal, which go with current trends. Look for the closet comprising of a range of behind-closed-doors storage options with open cubbies that can be utilized to display books, collectibles, and other antiques. All these features make it look like a stylish center piece of your bedroom.

Hotel wardrobe

You might have taken many vacations in the past, where you stayed in hotels or suites. Have you noticed how cute they look even in smaller room? These wardrobe designs are meant for smaller spaces, adding much needed storage option. This sophisticated and sleek unit offers plenty of space for a range of stuffs, while maintaining the overall streamlined and aesthetic modern look. If you like the wardrobe designs to have at least two colours, then you should opt for dark and light finishes get an artfully made visual look. You can choose stainless steel finger pulls, high-gloss finish door fronts, and oil-rubbed bronze metal accessories to get a sleek contrast.

Hallway wardrobe

Streamline and modern, such closet design takes benefits of an underutilized hallway area, converting it into a well-organized wardrobe. Open-front design layout lets quick access to accessories and garments, keeping everything neatly organized. Look for closet with drawers, shelves, hanging areas, and cubbies. The push to open doors is meant for easy, quick access. Usually these come in stylish palette of Tesoro finishes and stone.

Fashion blogger’s wardrobe

Are you a fashionista who loves to wear new and trendy outfits on daily basis? Have you ever felt exhausted by the number of choice you need to make, though you have a huge collection of clothes? Invest in a fashion or blogger inspired wardrobes to organize your clothes and other collections with just your fingertips. Mainly used in fashion runways and designer boutiques, these modern wardrobes paired with dramatic lighting and accent cubbies showcase client (designer)’s ever evolving fashion collection. If you like such designs get one for you now.

Urban master wardrobe

You can find lot of urban styled closets in the market; efficient to the core, these wardrobes combines style quotient with ample storage. Multiple drawers and hanging rods help you to keep your belongings in a neat and tidy manner.

What would your dream wardrobe look like? Take a look at your belongings, ranging from clothes, accessories to shoes to determine what type of wardrobe design you need. Prioritise your lifestyle, personal style, and budget constraint to get your fantastic new closet.

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