Heated Towel Racks for your Bathrooms


Heated towel racks is a feature designed to heat the towels before using it. It is a bathroom heater used for both heating towels and drying the environment.

Purpose of the Towel Heater

The towel warmers are used to heat the towels and bathrobes. After the shower, the towel warmer dries out the towel and keeps them dry.

Benefits of Heated Towel Racks

Drying your towels or bathrobes: They work amazing on drying the towels or bathrobes. They dry out swimsuits or warm clothes in winter.  They work on delicate clothes which you may not be interested in putting on the hot sun.

Add a design to your bathroom: More than the functionality, placing a heated towel racks adds design to your bathroom.

Change your bathroom experience: The heated towel rack can change your bathroom experience. The wet towels can be dried out and keep your towel warmer.

Affordable luxury: The heated tower racks are once considered as luxury, but currently they are affordable.

Styles of heated towel racks

The various styles of heated tower racks differ in technology. The electric towel racks are either electric cables or cartridge whereas the glass radiators use infrared technology.

  • Ladder towel racks
  • Electric towel racks
  • Designer towel racks
  • Glass radiators
  • Flat-panel and compact radiators

Types of heating towel racks

The following are the 3 types of heating towel racks.

Central Heating Towel Radiators

Central heating towel radiators are the central heating system. When heating is on, the towel rack will be on and when you off the heating the towel rack will be off.

Electric Heated Towel Radiators

The electric heated towel radiators work directly from the main electric city. They are safe due to the double insulation. The switch is connected to the radiator which controls the heating.

Dual Fuel Towel Radiators

Dual fuel towel radiators are a combination of both central and electric heated towel radiators. During winter, you can heat the bathroom and towels. But in summer, you can independently heat your bathroom using a switch that is attached to the towel rack.

Things to consider while purchasing Heated Towel Rack

Having a good towel rack is as important as having other accessories like the best shower pan or a  good quality shower head. There are many heated towel racks available in the market and all are not equal in quality. You have to look at the following things before you purchase a heated towel rack.

Dry Element Technology: Dry Element Technology offers more benefits while comparing to Wet Element technology. It is easy to operate and maintain. You can also install upside down.

Dual Entry Electrical Connections: The best quality heated towel racks must allow for both left and right-hand electrical connections.

Personal temperature selection: The personal temperature selection option allows adjusting the rack temperature to set higher in the winter season and cooler in the summer season.

Total digital control: It automatically on the switch when required according to the timing that is set. It also adjusts the temperature for all seasons.

Serviceability: Check if the product is serviceable. As it is a long term investment, you may need to service the product.

Stainless steel material:  Select stainless steel material for stylish, durability and ease of maintenance.

Select a reliable brand: There are many brands in the market. Check for the after-sale service and for quality and safety products.

Previously, the heated towel racks are considered luxury, but currently, it’s affordable. Investing in a heated towel rack changes your bathroom experience.

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