How To Make Interior Wallpaper Design & Stickers Stand Out


Wall decals are gaining popularity even to this day. Both designers and typical homeowners can find delight in decorating with an excellent interior wallpaper design and stickers. One can personalise and select colourful themes that fit their preference or interior design.

Decals can vary, and many can find an enormous pool of selections, from custom cutouts to more sophisticated murals for covering walls. Some have words and messages in them. Others include pictures or abstract designs. It’s difficult to run out of choices, and it’s easier to drown yourself with countless options and possibilities to put them in the right place. Without further ado, here are a few tips you can do to help your wall decals or wallpapers to stand out:

Know The Right Spot To Place It

Whether you’re buying a kitchen, bedroom or living room wallpaper or sticker, you must consider which spot in the area works best for your wall wallpapers and decals. While you can discover plenty of decals online and offline, you can take inspiration and ideas from mood boards to determine the right area to place them. As a rule of thumb, think of spots that can help create an accent within your room. Then think about the colour, size and appearance to see if it fits your room.

Declutter Your Area Before Placing Any Stickers

It sounds basic, but it helps your decals and wallpaper stand out without renovating your room. Before applying wall stickers to your room, eliminate any unnecessary items to maintain your room clean and simple. Most wall stickers tend to stand out well when an area looks simple and often ‘minimalistic’ without any clutter. Otherwise, it will drown your room with too many ‘details’. Consider cleaning your items to ensure no dirt is present before you apply any wall decor stickers or wallpaper.

Find Some Inspiration

As we have mentioned earlier, finding something to inspire you, such as making a mood board of the excellent decal and wallpaper design, will be helpful. You can use applications such as Pinterest or simply browse online for pictures for new trends and other ideas to fuel your creativity. Whether you’re using a wall sticker design for the bedroom or kitchen, you can find limitless options for creating a sensational board to inspire you!

Think About The Sizes & Space

Sizes and space are crucial factors when applying a wall art sticker to your room. For example, if your bedroom wall seems empty and your area has very few items and furniture, you can go for large and bold art stickers. You can use it as decor to cover up a portion or entire area and create an accent. You can also choose to insert decals on a small part of the area, depending on how many details or decor take up your walls. Nevertheless, don’t settle for ones that will make your sticker appear too small.

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