Need To Renovate Your Home? Rent A Storage Unit To Keep Your Furniture


Your home is your castle. But even the most beloved castle can find that the mortar is starting to crumble under its battlements and that the tapestries aren’t as lustrous as they used to be. As much as you love your home, years of wear and use can take their toll on your interiors. What better way to revivify your home and fall in love with it again than by carrying out renovations.

The great thing about renovations is that not only can they help you to see your old familiar home in a brand new light, they can also add value in other, more literal, ways. Home renovations can see you add significantly to your home’s resale value and sellability. Because while renovations are all about getting more out of your home now and for years to come, there may come a time when it’s best for you to sell up and move on.

Protect your belongings from the chaos of renovations

Sure, household renovations are fun and exciting. But they’re also incredibly disruptive. Depending on the nature of your renovation, you may need to transform rooms that have been lived in for years to a gutted shell. And that means that you’ll have to relocate the furniture and other belongings that have made your house a home all this time.

How do you do this?

You can try moving items around the home into spaces that aren’t being worked on. But this can create inconveniences at best and potential safety issues at worst. You could politely ask a friend or family member to keep our stuff in their garage or basement… but few of us like imposing on others in this way.

For many reasons, there’s really no substitute for using Storage Units UK to look after your furniture during renovations.

Storage units give you protection that other solutions can’t

Your furniture is a big part of what makes your house a home. As such, you’ll likely want to protect it. And the truth is that storing it in parents, grandparents or friends’ homes may not always be the best solution.

It could be clawed by their curious cats, stained or damaged by clumsy kids or, if stored in a basement especially, become prone to water damage.

On the other hand, storage units are completely secure, waterproof and protected by a wealth of security and safety redundancies.

They’re completely flexible to suit your needs and budget

No matter what your storage needs, it’s likely that we can find a suitable unit for you. We have 10 square foot lockers for storing smaller items or we have storage rooms with capacities of over 300 square feet. What’s more, you may be surprised at how affordable our storage solutions are. We’re up to 64% more affordable than our competitors.

Storage is quick and easy to arrange

With presences all over London and Sussex, it couldn’t be easier to organise a storage unit for your furniture while you renovate your property. Just choose the size of unit you need, book online or give us a call and we’ll send someone over to collect your stuff. We’ll even collect for free if you pay for 3 months or more in advance.

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