Pest Control Methods to Apply in your Home and Farm


pest control merrillville in is a necessary process as pests such as insects and rodents carry diseases, infest bedrooms, kitchens, and bite both pets and family. The primary purpose of eradicating pests is to keep your family and pets safe and healthy. Pests spoil and leave feces on food hence food contamination. Once contaminated food is taken, one will definitely become ill. Pests carry bacteria and viruses that need long term treatment. Several methods are applied to eradicate and control pests, which are classified into six categories: Physical, fumigation, biological, hygienic, chemical, and heat treatment. Each method best works on a given type of pests and resolves pests’ infestations at varying degrees depending on the infestation scale and pests’ type.

Hygienic Methods

Cleanliness is the only sure way of reducing pest infestation chances. Pests like places with plenty of food and safe breeding environment. To keep your home safe from rodents and creepy animals, observe the following.

• After eating, clean all the surfaces
• All food remains should be dumped in a sealed bin
• Store all food in safe places and adequately sealed containers
• Keep bathrooms clean
• Ensure all windows have fly screens
• Check toughly and seal holes discovered in internal and external walls
• Have a regular and well-observed cleaning schedule
• Wash utensils after use and after cooking
• Ensure no food remains on tables, worktops, floors, and cupboards

Hygiene is profound when it comes to dealing with pests, and if ignored, all pest control methods that will be applied will be short-lived. However, some pests will laugh at the face of your thorough cleanliness, and high-level hygiene observance, other pest management methods will be suitable.

Physical Methods

Physical methods involve killing, trapping, and removal of rodents and insects. This method serves better in homesteads and small farms. It works best by eliminating breeding grounds, trap cropping, field burning, and using poison baits and traps.

Biological Methods

Biological methods can be termed as the natural solution as it does not depend on chemicals such as pesticides. This method uses the nature hierarchy, and all you need is to introduce natural predators of the type of pest infesting your farm or homestead. For instance, if your home is infested by rodents, you will need to introduce a cat. When aphids overrun your farm, you will introduce ladybugs. The use of microorganisms is another best method you can apply as a gardener. This is a preemptive method. When helpful microorganisms are symbiotically depending on a plant, it will assuredly protect it from pests through the destruction of fungi and other harmful bacteria.

Overall, pests can be a nuisance not only to your family but also to your pets. To eradicate pests once for all is the wish of every homeowner. All to do is to identify the types of pest infesting your home and apply the right method. This can be done by yourself and through professional pest control agencies. Using the right method is the guaranteed long-term solution of pest eradication.

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