Polished Plastering Options As Per Your Details


When buying varnish, you will have to choose between glossy and matte, and also between the common type (also called “Copal”, whatever) and the marine type (stronger and more fundamental for areas that receive rain or light direct from the sun). And don’t forget to buy the nails, which will be stuck in the portals to attach them to the masonry. For metal frames, the recommendation is to buy everything at once, if possible. Thus, you can negotiate a lower price, and especially you can buy all doors and windows of the same aesthetic line.

The Use of the Aluminum Frames

Aluminum frames are very light, do not rust and need little maintenance, but are more expensive than iron frames (about double or triple the price), and because they can stain in contact with the cement, and also for usually thinner than iron, require the workforce to have experience with them already it is not any alley that can handle aluminum, in other words, so before buying ask the master if he has the necessary knowledge. On the other hand, the relatively inexpensive, easier to install windows and iron doors in a wide variety of designs and sizes require impeccable paint so that they will not easily rust (which will invariably happen at some point).

  • Tempered glass is not an inexpensive option, as it will require the installation of curtains and blinds later, but gives a modern look that has been widely used. Doors and windows do not allow holes or cuts after they are ready, so it is critical that the manufacturer or dealer itself send someone on site to take measurements once the frames have been made (or even after painting), if possible). And attention to detail blindex windows usually use marble or granite windowsills, and many people like to use exterior moldings around them. You can check this website and come to your decision about the same now.


Well, after the redevelopment, call the company that will make and assemble these frames (for exterior, they must be concrete, not plaster). Once they are installed, call the sill sales company to have a dealer take measurements by adding the thickness of the frames to the thickness of the walls (ideally, on the outside, the sill exceeds the frame by 0.5cm or a little more). And only then call the glazier, which will take about 15 days to deliver the custom material. Do not make the hesitation I made to buy the sills before the frames, which forced me to demand that the frame producer make them thinner than usual.

Never, by any means, would the shit ever fall into that old idea of ​​plastering with gritty sand, also simply called gravel. For those who do not know, it is a kind of clay sand, very clear, constantly damp. Mixing this with cement is an old and unfortunately popular technique for making cement “bond” and stick better to masonry.

Last Words

True enough, and yet another more technical explanation: gravelly sand is rich in organic compounds that one day simply rot. That said, it is easy to conclude that before long a gravelly plastered wall will literally rot and mold.

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