The Issue With Pet Urine Stained Carpets


We Love Pets but they do Leave a Mess

A family pet can be the pride and joy of a household, sharing memories and bonding as an extended member. While we appreciate their everyday friendship, their odours can begin to settle in your home. When their waste is released, this is intensified.

While most of these incidents can be prevented with pet training, accidents can still happen. Pet urine will lead to damage to your furnishings and furniture, particularly carpets.

Trying to Remove Urine Stains

An usual blunder made by house owners is to utilize heavy doses of water as a cleansing solvent for pee. If you were to flood your carpet with water, the pee crystals will respond with the dampness. Consequently, the strength of the pungent odour increases, funking up the area.

As seen earlier, pet pee stains and odours can not be easily eliminated. Normal cleaning methods will not be enough to entirely eliminate the stains and odours. Rather, urine stains call for the proper use of chemicals and tools combined with expert competence. An inexperienced effort to get rid of the pee stains can result in more damage and the amplification of the odour.

Professional Techniques

Your carpet will be saturated with excessive quantities of water, soap and detergent if you were to utilize conventional steam cleaning. After which, you will be left with a wet carpet for an extensive period. Not only would a damp carpet be inconvenient for your family, but it likewise provides an optimal setting for the proliferation of mould, mildew and germs.

In contrast, a better pet urine remover procedure utilizes a hot carbonating extraction system that uses a much deeper, much faster and healthier rug cleaning experience. By employing millions of microscopic bubbles to get rid of dirt from deep within your rug fibres, you can reduce the quantity of water made use of in the process. When the dirt has been lifted from the fibres, high powered devices is utilized to extract all dirt and wetness from the surface.

Avoidance Is Much Better Than Cure

Before addressing the concerns of getting rid of odours and stains, you ought to initially recognize why your pet is peing on your carpet. These are the 5 typical reasons:

Your family pet is too young or too old. Young animals like kittens and puppies are still maturing and hence need potty training. Meanwhile, older pets may have lesser control of their bladder.

If your family pet clears its waste on everyday walks outside your home, then being caught in your home for long durations may cause it to blow up.

Your pet could be sick and would require clinical treatment.

A family pet, much like human beings, can obtain anxious or stressed, this can cause a urinal discharge.

Animals associated with a prior mishap might have compromised bowels which induces them to pee indiscriminately in your home.

Additionally, there is a propensity in pets such as cats and dogs to regularly go back to the exact same area to relief themselves.

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