Animal Skin Rugs Are a Timeless Way to Add Natural Luxury to Your Home


Interior design trends change frequently with some leaving a longer lasting impact than others. Animal hide rugs, however, are exemplary ageless pieces that can be symbolic of the glow and security we envision for our homes. Since the olden times, animal skins have given a characteristic source of solace, warmth, luxury and security. To this day, they are still very cherished by shoppers all around the globe for nearly the same reasons.

What is it about animal skin rugs that trigger such extra ordinary sentiments of awe and reverence? Also, in case you want to make an investment in genuine animal skin home decorations, which animal skin should you pick?

Cowhide Rugs Are a Long Lasting Investment

At Hide Rugs, each cowhide rug is exclusively hand chosen for the absolute best quality. Our luxurious cowhide rugs are sourced from Brazil, a nation well-known for the quality and patterns of its hides. The tanners in Brazil employ time-honored techniques to treat and soften the cowhides, which result in eye-catching, supple and durable rugs.

Cowhide rugs can bring a warm natural appeal and luxury to any room, whether you use them as floor rugs or furniture throws. Since, every breed has its own novel look; every cowhide rug will have its own hue, pattern and fill. No two cowhide rugs are the same. Any cowhide rug you pick will be unique. Besides, cowhide rugs are strong and simple to clean and can last a lifetime with proper care.

Take Your Décor to the Next Level with a Reindeer Hide Rug

More one of a kind than cowhides, reindeer hides are stylistic pieces that are intended to be conversation starters. Upscale and adaptable, reindeer rugs come in a range of patterns and can add a natural rustic look to any space. Due to their water resistance, reindeer rugs can be used both indoors and outdoors.

While rich and luxurious, reindeer hides are softer and less durable in comparison to cowhides. Sensitive to heat, you should keep them away from fire places, radiators and under floor heating to keep the hair from drying out. For maintenance, essentially spray the reindeer hide with a fine mist water bottle. All in all, with appropriate upkeep, a reindeer rug can last just as long as the stronger cowhide.

Achieve Ultimate Comfort with Sheep Skin Rugs

For ultimate comfort, it’s hard to beat the plush sumptuous feel of sheepskin. Genuine sheepskin can promptly add color, warmth and comfort to any cold hardwood floor. Well-known spots to put sheepskin rugs include the foot of the bed and in the middle of a family seating room. Sheepskin is very popular commercially, with phony sheepskins being sold everywhere. However, at Hide Rugs our sheepskins are 100% authentic and of the highest caliber. While sheepskin rugs ought to be professionally laundered, regular delicate vacuuming can maintain the products nature for years.

Hide Rugs offers UK’s biggest choices of animal skin hides, rugs and other decoration items. Buying from us is as straight forward as browsing our assortment on the web. Or, you can visit our showroom to see our flawless collection in person. All our products are reasonably sourced and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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