Tips On How To Repair A Garage Door In Vaughan



It’s just a simple fact that garage doors in Vaughan are just like any other door in Canada: they get broken from time to time. It can be because of the kids, or company, or just from wear and tear, but it happens. For those out there who are looking into tips for garage door repair in Vaughan, here are a few:

  • The garage door won’t lock. This is among the most common things for people to have occur with their garages. They get home and close the garage door and find that it won’t lock. They’re tired, they want to go to bed, but they know they’re going to stay awake at night, thinking about that open access to their home if they don’t do something!

There is a temporary solution to this problem. Most doors have two metal bars spanning across the door which fit into slots on the edges of the garage door. This is how the door locks and by unscrewing the brackets and realigning them so they fit in the slots again, the problem is taken care of.

  • The garage door is frozen. This can be a common problem during the winter. It’s more likely that people will be making this kind of garage door repair in Vaughan than any other. The door isn’t actually frozen, per se, but the cold air can affect the garage door opener. These devices do need adjustments made according to the season. A simple adjustment to the pressure settings will usually solve the problem.
  • There is a power outage. The power goes out and everyone decides to eat out at a restaurant that still has the lights on, no matter how far away it is! During these times, the only thing separating everyone from hot food is that automatic door opener isn’t going to work without any power! Some newer versions do include a car battery, but there are still plenty of garage door openers that don’t.

Look for a cord with a red handle hanging from the track going down the center of the door. That is what one might call a manual release. Pulling on this cord will allow one to open and close the door as they need.

  • The garage door is sagging. This happens all too often with older garage doors. Is it time to replace them altogether? Not necessarily. There are plenty of hardware places that sell tension rods. These rods can be attached to the back of the door, at the bottom corners, and then placed diagonally to meet the opposite corners at the top. Once that is done, they can be tightened accordingly, allowing those doors to look a bit newer again!

Of course, there are times when simple fixes aren’t enough. If anyone notices cracks in the wall, buckling, or notice that the garage door itself appears to be collapsing, then it’s best to call a company for garage door repair in Vaughan.


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