Types of furniture to buy for pet owners


Those who have dogs and other pets will always have to think about how to prepare their homes against the onslaught of pet hair or scratching pets. It’s part of being a pet parent, but the good news is that it’s not all cleaning up and replacing the sofa every year!

Pets in the home require their own furniture, of course, from beds for dogs and climbing posts for cats. You may even invest in some long-lasting mechanical bowls for the best puppy food UK has to offer, but what do you do about your own furniture? There are plenty of pet-friendly options for your sofa and bed to ensure that they last as long as possible – even when your dog loves to climb aboard.


One of the best choices that any pet owner can make is to invest in leather or fake leather furniture. Fur won’t stick to it in the same way that it will fabric furniture, and you can simply vacuum it away at the end of each day. The only problem with the leather is that it does scratch easily, so those who scratchy cats should consider their nails being trimmed regularly to stop them from leaving holes in the leather. If you want pristine leather, you need to set boundaries so that your pet knows not to go onto the couch. Failing that, couch throws can be an excellent way to decorate the living room while allowing them somewhere comfy to sit.


One of the most rugged of materials, denim makes for a durable material for your pet to sit on. It’s not a formal option for the living room or bedroom, but with soap and water, you can spot-clean it and bring it up to new every time you do. It’s an easy one to remove pet hair from, too, as the weave of the fabric is tighter than other options.

Fabric Options

Sofas and beds can be upholstered in fabric rather than leather, which is comfortable for you! When you have fabric sofas, there’s always the worry of possible staining and scratches. With microfibre, you don’t have to worry about rips or scratches, and a simple lint roller can rid it of hair.

Outdoor Furniture

Most outdoor furniture is treated to repel moisture and resist odours. You can make sofa covers in the same material as outdoor furniture and ensure that your couch remains the comfiest one in the area. It’s rather a design trend to bring the outside in, and you can start with the swing seat in the conservatory!

When it comes to choosing the right furniture that works for both you and your pet, think about how they can affect the furniture, and then consider what furniture you need for your house. Do you want to keep scrubbing stains and pet marks off of your stuff? Probably not – so go with the most pet-friendly materials to prevent that. Pets bring joy into our homes; it’s easier to do that with leather!


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