What are the keys to buying a home in Malta?


Once the visit is made together with the real estate and a series of data has been collected (State housing, needs renovations, check facilities, carpentry, etc.) you can have a slight idea of ​​what it would mean to acquire the home in question. However, in this guide to buying Houses for sale in Malta, you should not forget that not all the data that is extracted from the visit are objective and valid to make a decision. So let’s review the highlights of how to buy a house without wasting time:

The environment research process

The neighborhood investigation comes first. It knows factors such as the type of life that takes place in the area, possible negative effects that are not seen with the naked eye during the visit, such as annoying noises, works, pollution, crime or other problems. This information is easy to obtain, just by asking the residents of the area a little, you can know what is going on in the neighborhood.

Zonal investigation of the environment

Community research is what has to be done in the same community of neighbors. From this information you can obtain whether it has problems with the builders, the City Council, or simply if an important spill has been made to correct any reform of the building. Since once the house is acquired, this debt is contracted by the buyer. Know this step if you want to buy the latest properties for sale in Malta.

What are the necessary documents?

There are a number of necessary documents when signing a home sale. In reality, these documents will provide you with legal certainty and detailed information about the property: from the Deed, the Cadastral certificate, the energy efficiency certificate, habitability certificate, simple registration note, etc. Although both the notary, as the real estate or the bank will inform you of the necessary documentation. In addition you can obtain valuable information.

How can you know if the house has no charge?

There are a number of documents that you need to ensure that the home is purchased without economic charges, and they are:

Community Certificate – The community certificate is one that guarantees that the property is up to date with payments and will not be sold with that charge.

Urban contribution receipt – The last receipt of the urban contribution must be satisfied by the seller before transferring the house, and a copy can be obtained from the municipal treasury.

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