What Is A Hedge Trimmer?


A hedge trimmer is an energy device composed of a motor unit that alternately operates toothed blades. These allow, through a sliding movement, to reduce very exactly hedges, bushes or shrubs without remarkable attempt, and even, to make plant sculptures for gardeners with an inventive   The blades of the hedge trimmer are organized withinside the axis of the motor unit which makes them slide one on the alternative, and, which, way to their very sharp enamel, reduce easy the branches and branches stuck among the

A hedge trimmer is continually held with hands: one on a so-called “trigger” manage, the alternative on a “shield” manage, positioned in the back of the blades. An excellent grip is important to reduce safely. Wearing shielding glasses and gloves, lengthy-sleeved garb and listening to safety are advocated movements to keep away from any coincidence with the hedge trimmer.

A hedge trimmer calls for cautious renovation after every use which will maintain it in excellent condition. The blades need to already be nicely maintained through casting off plant particles and cleansing them with methylated spirits if they may be clearly dirty. Also do not forget to oil them often and save them of their sheath among uses. As quickly because the blades are damaged, they need to be changed. From time to time, test the bolts that make certain that the blades are securely fastened.

What standards have to you bear in mind while selecting your hedge trimmer?

The hedge trimmer needs to be appropriate for the form of flora to be pruned. Depending on its needs, one-of-a-kind standards need to be taken under consideration to pick it properly. The energy of the engine, the traits of the blades and their enamel, the load and the ergonomics of the hedge trimmer will depend upon every form of slicing of plants.

The form of engine

A hedge trimmer may be motorized in 3 approaches and its energy relies upon at the form of motorization. The electric powered hedge trimmer: its miles linked to the mains (230 V) and its energy varies from four hundred to seven hundred W. The latter is relative to the period of the blades. This version of hedge trimmer is frequently the lightest, at the side of the battery-powered one.

The battery- powered hedge trimmer: the motor also can be operated through a battery. Depending on its voltage, the battery existence is extra or much less lengthy (30 to 50 mins in 18 V, forty-five to ninety mins in 36 V). The 36 V cars provide actual operating comfort. This form of device is properly suited, just like the electric powered hedge trimmer, for small lawn pruning jobs. Its use is practical, due to the fact without constraints, in a massive lawn for example.

The thermal hedge trimmer: its engine runs on gasoline. It does now no longer require a cable to plug it in and is consequently very cell withinside the lawn. The energy of this form of engine oscillates among 0. four and 1. four CV. The engine may be 2 or four strokes. Its renovation needs to be extra thorough than the ones of different sorts of hedge trimmers. This version is the maximum self-sustaining and the maximum powerful: it’s miles extra appropriate for heavy renovation paintings on flora. However, it’s miles heavier and noisier.

The slicing machines.

There are slicing systems: an unmarried and a double. The first is characterised through a movable higher blade and the alternative fixed. The drawback to this slicing machine is that it vibrates over time. The 2nd is extra advocated as it has movable blades. The latter provide a far higher reduce.

Cutting capability

The slicing capability, or in different phrases the distance among the enamel of the hedge trimmer blades, determines the thickness of hedges and branches that may be reduce.   If you have got skinny hedges, you may accept a slicing capability of among 12 and sixteen mm. Between 20 and 25 mm, you may reduce medium-thick hedges and for the bigger ones, decide upon a slicing capability of 26 to 34 mm.

Cutting period

The period of reduce defines the period of the blades. The longer they may be, the deeper and straighter you may reduce hedges;however, the device is heavier and much less manoeuvrable. The blades degree among forty and seventy-five cm.

The accurate managing of the hedge trimmer

Trimming hedges, bushes or shrubs isn’t always an clean mission due to the fact maximum of the time you need to undertake tough positions to attain the flora.   Hedge trimmer fashions provide answers for an awesome grip. This is the case, for example, with the presence of an adjustable rear manage which helps paintings whether or not in horizontal or vertical position. Others have a telescopic manage which could attain up to a few meters to reduce in top with the minimal of attempt and, finally, you may choose hedge trimmers ready with an anti-vibration device, extra in

The weight of the hedge trimmer

The weight of a hedge trimmer is a vital consideration. This lawn mission is certainly frequently lengthy and tedious for the arms, again and shoulders. Electric or battery-powered hedge trimmers are the lightest, typically among 2 and six kg, whilst the load of thermal hedge trimmers is among four and seven kg. Note: a few fashions have an arm relaxation that compensates for an excessive weight.

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