13 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Locks Now


The locks of your home, your office, or place of business is the first line of protection against intruders. Although most locks can last a lifetime without breaking down, this does not mean they should not be regularly changed. If you’ve been debating whether or not it is time to change the locks, here are the best reasons why you should:

Reason #1: You’ve Lost Your Keys

While calling the best locksmith singapore, their professional can help you get inside the house or building, someone else might have a copy of the keys. It is best to change the locks right away.

Reason #2: A Break-in Occurred

Even if the locks were not damaged in the break-in it is clear that they can be opened by someone else without a key which means a replacement should be scheduled right away.

Reason #3: Old Locks

Old locks tend to be faulty and can easily be broken into. Don’t wait until an intruder does break the locks before calling the locksmith Westminster for a lock change.

Reason #4: Moving In

Everyone moving into a new home, office space, or building should get all the locks changed because all past tenants may have a key to the doors which will compromise your safety and security.

Reason #5: Added Security

Speaking of security, new locks are proven to be harder to break and pick which gives your property the extra protection it needs from burglars.

Reason #6: Staff Change

Businesses that have given their staff copies of keys and have recently let go of one or more of the staff members should invest in new locks to prevent a break-in by angry and bitter past employees.

Reason #7: Post Home Remodeling

If you have recently remodeled your home make sure to add a new lock to your list of must change. During the remodeling, several people including the contractor and his crew will have access to your keys. It is best to change all the locks before moving back home.

Reason #8: Malfunctioning Locks

In cases where you find yourself always struggling to open a jammed lock, it is time for a change. Jammed locks can be a safety hazard during an emergency and they are better off replaced before it is too late.

Reason #9: Cheap Locks

It’s no secret that some locks on doors are fairly cheap. If this is the case, invest in better quality locks for your own safety.

Reason #10: Divorce

Sadly, during a divorce, the party that gets to stay in the family home must change all the locks when the other half moves out.

Reason #11: Change Of Tenant

Landlords that deal with changing tenants must always provide a new lock and key for every new tenant for security purposes.

Reason #12: Your Own Peace Of Mind

Simply knowing that your home has new locks and no one else has a copy of the keys will help you and your family rest easy at night.

Reason #13: Discouraging Break-ins

New, complicated, and hard to crack locks will discourage potential thieves from even trying to break-in which is a very good reason to invest in new, better, and stronger locks for your property.

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