The 5 Qualities Of A Good Welcome Mat


How to choose a welcome mat? By ensuring that it meets the criteria of safety, accessibility, durability, aesthetics and personalization.

Security key to the places of intense passage

To ensure the safety of the users of a building (supermarket, town hall, school , yoga hall), it is often better to choose an entrance mat which we are sure it will not move, just like  tapetes para yoga despite the many passages. Architects and builders often choose tapetes para gimnasio  , which have the advantages of a strong aluminum frame and stability. The risks of “getting caught in the piso para crossfit ” or hindering the opening of the doors of the building, are therefore very small.

Accessibility, the sign of a building open to all

The ERP standards for public buildings are intended to make them accessible to all types of disabilities. These standards were dictated by the Equal Rights and Opportunities Act of February 11, 2005. Here again, fitted carpets are a good answer. They are anti-slip and located at the same level as the ground, which facilitates the passage of wheelchairs.

Sustainability because economy and hygiene go hand in hand

Sustainability is an important decision criterion for a contractor when it comes to choosing the welcome mat that will equip a future building. His choice will go to the carpets

which are both scratching and absorbing. These will retain the smallest debris and absorb moisture that might otherwise enter the premises. Because a rug that lasts is especially a rug that contributes to the hygiene of a house, a building, a school, a business or a public building. This is why we also call the entrance mats “carpet of cleanliness”.

Aesthetics because a carpet is a signature of a building

An entrance mat or welcome mat gives the visitor of a building a first image of the building, a first impression that marks it. The function of an entrance mat is therefore not only a function of hygiene or safety. Also, the choice of a logo , a color , can be decisive for the success, the attendance of the building.

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