How to Choose the Right Flooring For Your Home?


One question that we get asked all the time is “What type of flooring should I choose? And it really is such an important decision, because it can be a big investment, one that you will live with many years, if not forever. It is also the foundation of your design, so it’s not only has to work with your style but be functional for your lifestyle and needs.

As a home interior designer who has worked with many home-owners in London, I usually look for flooring that is not only aesthetically beautiful and not to trendy but also durable for tenants, and affordable too.

When it comes to choosing new floors there’s lots of options to consider. We are going to share you with our decision making and share our experience on how we choose the right flooring for our Londoners.

With a major decision like a flooring, we recommend seeing it in person first, since it can look really different in photos online. Most of companies that sell wood floors either have offline shops, or show-rooms where you can see their products. We usually work with As we are located in London, we take our clients to the Wood Flooring Fitting show-room where they can check all their wood flooring options before making a decision. In a perfect situation, I don’t think that you could find a better solution then wood floors. It is classic and inviting, can warm up any space, and it will fit well with any decorating style. But, hardwood type floors have their disadvantages too, they are expensive, and need some maintenance.

There are some great alternatives that give real wood a run for its money. The closest alternative to real wood is engineered wood, which is a thin layer of real wood on top of a composite. We’ve used engineered hardwood in many houses in London, and they look beautiful once installed. Its disadvantage is that it can’t be exposed to a lot of moisture, so they’re not ideal for every room in warmer climate cities.

If you are located in a warmer city, the most popular choice to use for your flooring is Tiles.  This material is a great to work with because of unlimited number of styles, colors, and patterns. They are our top-choice for bathrooms, and there are some drawbacks to using it throughout your entire home. The material and label involved for the installation can increase the total price. Tile also has a more specific look, and it won’t necessary transition well. It can also both look and feel cold, and it doesn’t bring a warmth to a room like wood can. It also requires more maintenance. Consider it a more of a permanent choice, removing it can be a real pain.

The last option and one of the most preferred wood flooring in London is Laminate. Laminate is made of a composite wood with an image of a real wood printed on top. The biggest selling points are price, durability, and style.

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