4 Ways In Which You Can Maintain Your Quartz Countertops


The latest advancement gaining a lot more prominence than you can think of is quartz countertop for your kitchen. When doing Granite Selection, you are all the more worried about its durability as the expense compels you to think about the features of granite. Quartz countertop does not put you in any worry due its extended durability and long run of about over a decade. 

Unlike granite, you don’t have to worry much about its maintenance as quartz comes with a very limited set of instructions for is maintenance to follow. Let’s scroll down to understand few ways to maintain quartz countertops:

  1. Strongly Avoid Using Sharp Metals

It is always advisable to use a cutting board while cutting vegetables else it might put scratches to your quartz countertop. Sharp metals such as vegetable scissors, knife and other blades must not come in contact with your newly installed quartz countertop. Although, quartz comes with a solid factory polishing, it is advisable to follow this instruction for its longevity.


  • Use Quartz Cleaner


Avoid using harsh chemicals on quartz countertop. Alike granite that you may have selected from Granite Selection, quartz countertop does not need any sealing. Merely washing it with mild soapy water will wipe off all the dust and stains from it. Sometimes, chemicals wash away the regular polishing of the material and make it look dull and rough. 


  • Avoid Harsh Kitchen Cleaning Pads

There are some kitchen cleaning pads made of steel and other hard materials. It is always better to avoid such kitchen pads for cleaning your countertop as these pads will again make the surface pretty rough and thorny. Maid Sailors Cleaning Services NYC suggests cleaning your countertop with a fiber cloth instead to bring back the lustrous appearance.

  • Do Not Miss Any Instructions Of Maintenance


With every stone comes a set of its maintenance instructions. The other materialistic contents of a stone might get negatively affected if these instructions are not followed. This will also kill the durability factor of the quartz countertop. This set of instructions come with a Warranty Card with it and hence must be strictly adhered to.  

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