Perfect Options for the Best Coffee Making Now


Finally, the best recommendation is this, to avoid mistakes, use quality coffee. You can learn how to choose the perfect special coffee for you here on our blog. After all, there is nothing better than taking a break to have that delicious coffee, perfectly extracted. With the coffee maker savvy you need to be specific in every proper manner.

4 sustainable reasons for you to purchase a Moka

In addition to producing delicious coffee, similar to the taste of homemade espresso, Moka is not only traditional and charming, it is also more sustainable.

  • This method does not use paper or cloth filters, which prevents the production of more waste.
  • There is no need for electricity to operate.
  • The design is almost entirely made of aluminum, a highly recyclable material. It is a simple product, just like its production chain.
  • The fact that it does not have glass components also reduces excess packaging during transportation.

The coffee maker, if taken care of, can last a lifetime. The only recommended maintenance is to change the rubber ring around the metal filter once every six months or a year, depending on how often it is used.

The natural wear of the rubber ring can hinder the passage of water in the ideal way. You can buy the piece separately for around R $ 16.00.

Curiosities about the Moka:

In the first five years that the Bialetti company started manufacturing Moka, around 70,000 units were sold. The point is that the coffee maker was practical and easy to use, but it was also a matter of style.

The product has become a symbol of quality, highlighting Italy in technological innovation and as a pioneer in the coffee market. It had everything to do with the context of social changes that was taking place during the 1930s in Europe.

The original Moka Express was an ideal example of simple and luxurious design, which has changed little since then. So important for the time that the Museum of Modern Art in New York keeps copies in its collection.

The original Bialetti logo represents Alfonso himself, Moka’s creative engineer. The company leveraged even after World War II; it was when Alfonso’s son, Renato Bialetti, took over the commercial part and invested heavily in Marketing.

  • Bialetti Coffeemakers have spread across Europe and the world in over 80 years of tradition, more than 300 million coffee makers have been sold!
  • The coffee maker, also known as Moka, was invented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti. This name was given in honor of the city Moca in Yemen, very famous for the quality of its coffee.


It is no exaggeration to say that the creation revolutionized the way of preparing coffee and it was thanks to it that espresso became popular in Italy . According to popular history, Bialetti had a flicker while watching a rudimentary washing machine used by some washerwomen. The moka, a steaming coffee maker, emerged.

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