The Washing Machine You Can Trust On


The washing machine is very practical for cleaning household linen. Find out how to choose your washing machine and learn to identify the selection criteria. Thus, you will choose a device adapted to your lifestyle. Choose the Best washing machine there.

How to choose your washing machine?

The different models of washing machines

The washing machine is a household appliance that avoids the hand washing of clothes and household linen. It is a great ally for washing clothes efficiently that is to say in a minimum of time with the least possible water. To make the best choice of washing machine, you must know the different models available on the market, just here they are:

The window washing machine: this is a washing machine also known as a front washing machine. This appliance is equipped with a glazed access to the front, these are the most practical since they free up the space above the machine.

The top washing machine: this is a washing machine with an opening from the top. This type of washing machine is suitable for small rooms and is less prone to leaks.

The washer-dryer: the washer-dryer washes and dries your laundry. You can therefore dry the laundry quickly. The drying mode makes it possible to avoid the purchase of a tumble dryer.

The built-in washing machine: built -in washing machines are known to fit into a piece of furniture or a location to end up just below the worktop. They can become integrated when they have a front door.

The integrated washing machine: the integrated washing machines are hidden in the furniture. They become completely invisible and do not darken the decoration.

The choice of model, concerning the washing machine, depends in part on the area of ​​the room or more precisely, on the location reserved for it.

Pay attention to the energy class of the washing machine

The washing machine makes it possible to reduce the consumption of water useful for washing the laundry in the household. It works mechanically and can save you energy and money. To maximize these savings, we must pay attention to the energy label and choose a minimum of Class A . This energy class shows that it is an economical household appliance.

To further reduce the cost of using the machine, you can use the delayed mode to schedule the machine to start during off-peak hours.

Take into consideration the revolutions per minute of the washing machine 

The revolutions per minute should be taken into consideration. Washing machines have a speed of 1,200 to 1,800 revolutions per minute. This data is directly linked to the spinning of textiles, which is why we speak of spin speed. The more revolutions per minute you have, the drier your laundry will come out of the machine. This criterion is mainly linked to your daily comfort, the speed of rotation dries the clothes and allows you to store them directly out of the washing machine.

The drum, the asset to check when choosing the dryer

The washing machine is equipped with a tub, a motor, a drainage system, a drain pump and a drum. The drum, despite its funny name, is one of the essential parts for the proper functioning of the washing machine. It is an asset, you have to pay attention to the volume. A normal household will need on average 7 to 8 kg per machine. If it breaks down, you’ll need Residential Dryer Repair cincinnati oh.


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