What to do When Expecting the Washer Repairman to Drop By in Toronto


The washer has broken down and the handyman of the house has looked at it to no avail. There is nothing that can be done but to call in an appliance repairman to fix the problem, because the family needs clean clothes and they need them soon, especially in a busy place like Toronto!

People are usually not keen on people sticking their nose into their laundry room, but there isn’t much of a choice when a washer or dryer needs repair. So, what is proper etiquette when an appliance repairman is dropping by to take a look at the washer? Here are the basics of what everyone should do:

Ensure that an appointment has been made for a specific time. This is something that requires both the company and the client to agree on. The first sign of an unprofessional attitude is when a company says that they’ll send someone “sometime on Friday” or “around Tuesday morning”.

Between nine and ten in the morning is fine, but make sure that it’s within a narrow timeslot. Making someone wait all day for a repairman to show up is inconsiderate on the company’s part. Having a specific time agreed upon means that the appliance repairman can be greeted appropriately and, more importantly, that someone can be there to let them in!

Empty the washer. This seems like the obvious thing to do, but a lot of people don’t see the point or it seems to be too much trouble because the washer broke down in the middle of a cycle and the clothes are still soaking wet.

If one wants to be nice, though, it’s better to allow for the repairman to be able to get to what the problem is fast. They’re also being paid and paying them to take clothes out of the washer is just lost money. So, take the clothes out before the repairman arrives!

Make sure the area is clean. Yes, it might take some time, but if people get a reflexive gag whenever they enter the laundry room, then it’s time to clean it up. The repairman could be in there for an hour or more and having to take in the smell of someone else’s dirty laundry is just plain cruel! So, clean up the laundry room so that both the client and employee will be happy.

Make sure the pets aren’t underfoot. Got a happy dog or inquisitive cat? Great, but keep them out of the repairman’s way. Dogs especially have a tendency to get underfoot, so it’s best to let them get some fresh air outside. If the cat is curious about the new guy, ask the washer repairman if it’s okay for them to hang around. If not, it may be necessary to keep them behind a closed door for a while.

Leave them alone! Once the washer repairman is in the laundry room and they’ve been told what the problem is, it’s okay to leave them alone. That’s the best way for them to get the work done!

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