4 Mistakes When Buying Home Furniture From An Online Store


Who hasn’t tried online shopping? From clothing to food, we can order anything online, and that includes furniture. Through online furniture stores, people can now pick the bed frame or coffee table they like on their phone, pay for it using a cashless transaction, and wait for it to arrive home. But buying a sofa online in Singapore is prone to mistakes.

Here are the common mistakes people make when buying home furniture from online stores:

1. Wrong measurement

One important rule in shopping for quality furniture in Singapore is to get the exact measurement. Firstly, homeowners should measure the area or space they will designate for the furniture.

Secondly, check if the dimensions of their ideal furniture fit the designated space. If it is too big or small, you can find another piece of furniture or ask for a bespoke fitting.

Online home office furniture shopping in Singapore makes it extra difficult. Some buyers overlook the dimensions, while some shops send the wrong fitting size.

2. Colour issues

Sometimes the furniture colour appears different on the picture from personal. The colours can be more vibrant or pale. And sometimes, these images set the buyer’s expectations. It is still advisable to visit the showroom of your online furniture shop in Singapore if possible.

3. Shipping issues

Some online shops may advertise free and convenient shipping, only to find out that this service is only limited to certain areas. The shoppers may end up paying shipping fees for the garden furniture in Singapore. Always check the shipping policy of your shop before placing an order.

4. Relying on reviews

Reviews will indeed help buyers in their decision-making. However, take some reviews with a grain of salt. Some use unethical tactics, such as flooding the shop with fake positive reviews in order to get higher rates.

Avoid these mistakes when buying home furniture from an online store.

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