5 Furniture Cleaning & Care Tips


Since there is no place like home, you should learn how to take good care of your designer furniture in Singapore. That is the only way you can maintain the interior design of your home and improve the lifespan of furniture pieces so you can use them for years.

As a homeowner, you have to be aware of furniture cleaning and care. Discover what you must do by reading on.

1. Wipe The Dust With Microfiber Cloth

Even though dust seems harmless to your designer furniture in Singapore, it can do more harm than you think. Leaving them will only leave scratches and make the surface of your designer furniture dull as it loses its shine and weakens the finish.

2. Keep Pieces Of Furniture Away From The Sun

While it is true that the sun has vitamin D, it does not do any good for TV console units and other furniture in Singapore. If you place them under direct sunlight, you can expect the finish will fade and leave permanent discolouration.

3. Spray Natural Insecticides

The only way to retain the good condition of the sofa you found online in Singapore is to spray natural insecticide to kill bed bugs and their eggs. This tip also applies to other furniture that has cushions.

4. Polish The Surface Periodically

No matter how shiny your wooden dining table is now, it will lose its shine with constant use. In that case, apply a generous amount of polish periodically to maintain its shiny surface and protect it from dust, liquid, etc.

5. Use Coasters For Glasses And Trivets For Hot Dishes

The heat coming from dinnerware can leave white marks on the surface of designer furniture if you let them sit for too long. Thus, use coasters and trivets to prevent that from happening.

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