5 ways to make over a concrete patio


Concrete patios can be dull and boring after it’s finished. But we all want our outdoors looking aesthetically pleasing. To achieve this, we’ll be learning a couple of tweaks that’ll give our concrete patios a new improved look. Note, it’s quite cheaper to give concrete patios a new makeover than to replace them with a new one. However, if your concrete patio is damaged to a high degree, you can hire a professional to refurbish it.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to makeover concrete patios.

1. Paint patterns

While painting isn’t a durable solution on concrete ratios, it would certainly transform the face of your concrete. Plain paints might be noticed but will remain dull, so if you’d like to paint, go for patterns. Patterns are easily noticeable and they instantly give your concrete patio a new look. Play with colors in your design before deciding on colors of choice.

2. Refinish the surface

Concrete patios are good because you can always refinish them in the future. Instead of going through the tedious cum expensive burden of removing a patio, you could simply refinish it. There a couple of ways to refinish a concrete patio, which includes:

  • Staining
  • Veneer

Consult a professional to determine which is best for your concrete patio.

3. Lay slate tiles

Slate tiles are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and adds real estate value. Slate tiles come in different colors, meaning you can choose one which fits the color of your home, dance, or curb. Slate tiles go well with concrete, therefore making it one of the easiest makeovers for concrete patios.

4. Invest in outdoor rugs

Rugs? Outside? Well, hear us out. Rugs are meant for the indoors, especially rugs that cannot withstand harsh weather conditions. Also, rain could leave outside rugs with terrible odors. But that wouldn’t happen with patio rugs. Patio rugs are outdoor rugs that can withstand harsh weather conditions and are water-resistant. If you like the idea, then purchase a patio rug and lay it on your concrete patio, and watch the immediate transformation.

5. Invest in lighting

Lightning illuminates every and anything. Adding lighting to concrete patios brings out the designs. You can install lighting above the patio or on the sides like a walkway. Adding lighting to your concrete patio should come after the implementation of other makeovers. This enables you lighten the places that actually matter.

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