9 Tips To Remember When Renting Portable Toilets During The Winter


It’s not often that you see a port a potty rental during the winter. In fact, it can easily be argued that people associate portable toilets with summertime and music festivals. However, many outdoor events benefit from portable toilets as well such as skiing and ice skating, both of which happen only during the winter.

Having accessible toilets during the winter is essential in any event held outdoors. The cold can cause anyone’s bladder to become a shorter fuse. As such, having immediate access to portable toilets make life easier for everyone.

Here are some things you should remember when renting a port a potty during the winter.

  1. Place it in sunny areas

An easy way to keep the portable toilet warm is by placing it in sunny spots. A warmer portable toilet is definitely more comfortable to use because of the change in temperature when someone goes inside.

  1. Use heaters to warm up the toilets

If there are no sunny spots that you can take advantage of, you can always use portable heaters inside to warm up the portable toilets. The added warmth can prevent the toilets from freezing as well.

  1. Make sure it won’t be buried in snow

Frequently checking on the port a potty rental to see whether or not it has been buried in snow is a must. Frequent servicing ensures that you’re able to check up on it much more often.

  1. Prevent your portable toilet from freezing

Additionally, frequently checking the portable toilet gives you the ability to prevent it from freezing. While maintaining the cleanliness, set aside some time to unfreeze the portable toilet as well. Cleanliness is essential for an enjoyable experience.

  1. Know the surroundings

Finding an ideal spot for a portable toilet isn’t as easy as you may think. You need a perfect balance of accessibility and sustainability. Placing the portable potty in an area where it’s too far away just to protect it from winds isn’t ideal.

  1. Provide a clear path

When you find a spot for the portable toilet, you should provide everyone, including service technicians, a clear path to get to it. This will make it easier on everyone and prevent confusion on how to access the portable toilet.

  1. Make sure there’s enough lighting

The wintertime can feel and look a little darker than usual. Installing portable lighting can make it easier for anyone using the portable toilet to spot it and use the facilities.

  1. Mitigate the freezing risk

Magnesium chloride can disrupt the ice bond so ice won’t be able to form. Highway departments use it to control freezing on road surfaces. As such, you’ll benefit greatly in using it for your port a potty rental.

  1. Provide emergency details inside the portable toilet

Someone could get stuck inside of the portable toilet especially when the weather suddenly becomes too severe for them to come out. By providing emergency contact details inside, the person will be able to use their mobile phone to call for help in case they need it.

Whether you’re organizing a concert, a trade fair, a wedding, or managing a construction site, a port a potty rental will come handy. Contact us today at Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service today to inquire.

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