A room decorated by following popular home designs


It’s a common fact that the environment surrounding us has tremendous effects on our well-being. No wonder home redesigns are so important for refreshing our living space. But, as with anything, you need to know what’s trending to get the right inspiration for your next project. The good news is that the vibrant New Jersey is full of bold interior decorating choices. Although the NJ’s clientele mostly prefers casually sophisticated style, know that the local designers will turn your common spaces into extraordinary environments exactly to your taste. Ready to be inspired by popular home designs? Read on!

Black is the new white

You must’ve heard the saying that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Because of that, we’ve decided to start with trends for designing your gathering hub and focal point of your home. Is your kitchen still stuck in its eighties fashion of all-white-everything? Then it’s high time you switch to its alter ego! Indeed, black and contrasting kitchens are proving to be increasingly popular this year. Combined with brass knobs and pulls, a budget-friendly kitchen can get the rich feel and modern ambiance.  Cabinetry in dark or black wood tones is also among the popular home designs in the kitchen department. If you pair them with gold hardware and lightning and contrast with white countertops and light wood flooring, you’ll have a perfect mix of modern and organic.

To brighten up kitchen space, consider going bold colors such as bright blue or unexpected shades of pink. Not only will this add more depth to the whole atmosphere, it’s also easier to keep clean than white surfaces.

Nature is always in

No matter how urban our abodes get overtime, contact with nature will never lose its significance. After all, many studies have proven that environments with natural elements reflect serenity and well-being. With that in mind, you’ll want materials like wood and stone which have the ability to transport you to the outside world.

The current trend which is expected to reach its peak in 2020 is the dividing of environments with natural materials. Wooden beam ceilings are kings of the ‘open plan’ concept, together with interior gardens. Goes perfectly with the Garden State, don’t you think?

Not only that but earthy and pastel colors are bound to inspire the approaching maximalism movement. Speaking of it, there will be no shortage of painting-decorated walls as well. So if you want to be ahead of time, transporting your art collection in NJ is a must if you’re moving to a new home. The more the merrier approach means all your art will find its right place!https://gibraltarvanlines.com/fine-art-movers/

Curvy contours among the most popular home designs

Moving on to the living room, where curved furniture is slowly becoming the talk of the town. Gone are the rectangular and boxy sofas, but if you’re sentimental you can always put them in storage. Moving companies like gibraltarvanlines.com can help you with this while you go for the rounded, more inviting design. And it’s not just the ergonomics, but the need for comfort as well. In fact, they are rumored to completely change the concept of the living room, turning us away from the TV to face-to-face interactions. You can go full circle with the sofa or balance it with other curved elements. Even opting for just a round-shape coffee table is a good introduction to a warm living room space. Are you on a quest of finding the perfect bed? Consider the one with curved wooden frames to add a touch of elegance to your bedroom.

And, mind you, it’s not just the furniture! It’s mirrors and lamps as well. Convex mirrors have always been among the design classics. They create an unusual view of the room and are an indispensable detail on empty walls.

Statement ceiling

Forget accent walls, we’ve got a new star among the popular home designs – a statement ceiling. And it’s well deserved! We put much consideration into choosing the color of our walls, while the ceiling usually ends up white. Not for long, as it is slowly fighting for its right to be the fifth wall. This new trend can surely transform a space and leave a lasting impression. Is your room is already decorated but still missing a bit of magic? Give your ceiling the star treatment and watch as all the eyes draw up.

It doesn’t even have to be paint – wallpapers and wood moldings are also an option. When designing the perfectly customized home, pair the colors of the room with the ceiling to give it a memorable look. If you want to be even bolder, opt for geometric patterns or a metallic gold or silver wallpaper. This will make your space feel more luxurious at a lower cost. We’ve already mentioned the wooden beams, but you can take them one step further and go with a coffered ceiling. Whichever option you choose, a statement ceilings really will make a statement.

Green flooring

Another trend growing in popularity among the homeowners is environmentally-responsible flooring. Whether it’s cork, linoleum, bamboo or recycled hardwood, you can’t go wrong with these solutions. The greatest benefits include the limited to no use of harmful volatile compounds in production. That means less air pollution and an all-together better option for allergy sufferers or families with small children. In addition, they are also easier on the budget, especially the bamboo flooring.

A different kind of flooring option is a carpet made from recycled materials. This trend is climbing the ladder of popular home designs as the focus on the environment is becoming more and more important. Take sisal carpets, for example. These natural fiber rugs are extremely durable and a great alternative to mass-produced synthetic ones. Another interesting option is a rug made from recycled soda bottles. No matter the material, healthcare flooring is one of the smartest renovating decisions you can make both for your home and for the environment.

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