All about Staircase Safety


Staircases are a wonderful feature of a house and also help us to enter the various parts of a home. As much as they are needed, they can also cause severe accidents at home. Therefore, it is important to know what should be expected for the safe stairs.

The questions you should ask

Whether you are considering installing a new staircase at your home or already have installed them, in both conditions you can do something that can make your staircase safe from any accidents. The following questions should be answered honestly when considering stair safety.

  • Are all your steps in a fine state or do they require any repair?
  • Is there a light switch at the top and the bottom of the flight of stairs?
  • Is the size and height of each step the same?
  • Can you notice the step edges clearly?
  • Is there any mess on your stairs?
  • Do you have a stair covering?
  • Is the covering fastened properly?
  • Is your vision clear as you go up or downstairs?
  • Are the handrails securely fixed to the walls? Can you hold them firmly?

Whichever the question is, the main thing is that you should do everything to make your stairs safe from accidents.

Width and Headroom

Stairs installers do not focus on providing the best or latest stair design but also ensure there is safety apart from esthetics. The headroom should be high enough to make sure that nobody hits their head.

The lowest space of the headroom area is 2000 mm. The width of your stairs should be comfortable so that there is no trouble while climbing them. No one should feel squeezed. The safest width is 900 mm, after incorporating other elements of stairs such as balustrades.

Check on the Rails and Balustrades

In terms of stair safety, handrail and balustrades are the most significant. The reason behind this is that they are what an individual holds on to or what stops them from falling. In the height of rails and balustrades, there is a code to show the specifications. Just find out what are the requirements of your locality and follow them.

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