Benefits of Well-Maintained Medical Facility Carpets


Carpets trap dust, airborne pathogens, and other allergens, thus playing a remarkable role in the indoor air filter. In a medical facility with nurses, patients and medical residents walking across the carpet flooring whole day means consistent cleaning regularly and professional deep cleaning and vacuuming periodically is crucial. It ensures that the carpet flooring’s capability to support clean healthy air is maintained.

Crucial carpet maintenance step

Regular vacuuming 

The Perth commercial carpet cleaning professionals use an industry-grade vacuum with a microfiltration system and adjustable beater bar or brush. Vacuuming needs to be programmed, according to the traffic levels. Heavy traffic areas like hallways and entryways will need frequent cleaning.

Professional extraction technique 

The Perth carpet cleaners make use of green cleaning and non-toxic sanitizing products. Ideally, a couple of dry time is crucial, to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. Even it cuts down inconveniences to the residents and patients.

The traditional steam cleaning process makes use of excessive water, which can wet the carpet pad, thus create breeding space for bacteria, mold, and mildew. Short dry time does not carry such risks. Besides dry times can be decreased using fans.

Therefore, plan professional extraction cleaning once in three months for heavy traffic zones. All the carpets need to be deep cleaned and well-sanitized professionally every 6 months.

Spot or surface cleaning

Spots and spills occur. The sooner these get treated the easy it becomes to eliminate them. Use proper spotting products to clean the spot as soon as it occurs. This avoids the excess fluid to penetrate deep in the carpet fibers. The Perth Carpet cleaners offer spot cleaning services regularly as per their ongoing maintenance program.

Using the above steps correctly helps to prevent carpet damage. Clean carpets are healthy for the hospital environment as well as very economical. Routine carpet cleaning is far less costly than replacement. Moreover, as a medical facility, it is crucial to create a healthy stay and work environment through great customer service.

A professional carpet cleaning service ensures a clean hospital facility and even protects your flooring investment!

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