Rediscover your Balcony


Balconies are an extended platform in an apartment which can be accessed by a door or a window. Terraces have always been a part of structures from ancient times like forts, palaces, and armouries. Balconies have also been made famous by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. People living in cities mostly reside in apartments. Galleries are architectural structures which amplify the beauty of any apartment greatly. Balconies not only improve the aesthetics of a flat but also improve the ventilation. Galleries enhance ventilation by a cross breeze passing through otherwise congested city apartments. Galleries not only make houses prettier but form a large area for café decorations. Cafés with balconies give a fantastic experience to the customers. Hotel balconies in hill stations or beach facing areas provide a very pleasing view to customers. There are various ways to decorate balconies. A variety of ideas are below.

  • In larger balconies, you can install swings. This theme creates a cosy nook within the flat. The swing can be complemented with a small coffee table.
  • To recreate the feel of a garden yard in city homes, you can use faux grass patches, wicker sofas along with stools for a perfect set up.
  • For tiny balconies, you can place a colourful armchair can with the installation of a small shelf on the side. Patchwork designs work well with this theme.
  • Balcony gardens are not only beautiful but also eco-friendly and refreshing. One can style galleries with wooden flooring. This theme is lovely for health-conscious people with a morning yoga routine.
  • Unique Balcony designs using palm wood furniture along with pine wood flooring is a classic style. Using bright colours for the accompanying upholstery pairs well with the theme.
  • Another simple way to design balconies is to used patterned tiles. Black and white patterned tiles look great with darker coloured furniture.
  • Balconies may be converted into a minibar area by adding in cushioned seats and a few cabinets for supplies.
  • Balconies may also be designed on a monochromatic theme where the tiles and the walls are restricted to white colour. However, you must choose the furniture of a single bright colour as a contrast.
  • Balcony designs may have indoor plants along with simple furniture to give a freshening feel.
  • After balcony gardens and faux grass, the next upgrade comes as grass curtains for balconies. These are easy to maintain and create a private niche for you.
  • For families with children, a small play area for the child can be set up in the balcony after childproofing the gallery.
  • Balconies can be adorned with upcycled parts from automobiles or other trash items.
  • If there is lack of space just adding in a simple mat and a tea table can make the balcony a lounging area.
  • For high rise buildings, you may place a small seating area in the balcony with cushions. This seating arrangement is perfect for enjoying a great view with a cool breeze.
  • The balcony can be an area for meditation with bamboo mats, soft music, and idols of deities.
  • Balconies may be used for drying clothes with clothes racks and hangers.
  • A minimalistic balcony can be decorated using iron chairs and an iron chair.
  • The railings and grills of balconies are highly specialized and designed with the utmost care and attention to the rest of the setup.
  • Balconies can be adorned with a bamboo wall. A comfy sofa and a tea table complete the package.
  • For larger balconies, a small bed can be placed with a few throw pillows. This balcony with a bed creates a gorgeous place for getting rid of the daily stress.
  • Balconies can have smart LED lights and lamps installed. These lights can be controlled using remotes or phones. This decor creates a lovely ambience for parties.
  • Using striped patterns for the drapes in the balcony designgive the space an enlarged look.
  • Using various kinds of rugs and mats can modify the look of the balcony completely.
  • In older houses, balconies have black granite and white marble flooring and majestic statuettes which reflect the heritage of such homes.
  • Newer balcony designs used plant products like cane and bamboo for not only the furniture but also for the railing.
  • Even offices can have balconies, a relaxing break area for the employees.

Balcony designs may be simple or quirky. They improve the overall look of living space or a recreational space like cafés. Hotel balconies place the guests in the lap of nature. Irrespective of whether big or small, galleries can be designed and decorated with a lot of attention to detail. Often balconies have intricate Greco-Roman designs on banisters or stairways leading to them. Cosy terraces may be a paradise for a book-lovers, while balcony gardens may be a favourite of those who like gardening. Thus, the design of the balconies can tell us a lot about the interests of the designer.

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