Pool Construction Choices: How To Select A Construction Firm? 


Planning to install a backyard pool for your house? Interested in installing a decorative pool for a commercial property? Well, whatever your requirements are, the end result will depend upon the construction firm you hire. Why? The answers are obvious, yet not widely known. For reference, the most significant ones are listed below. 

  • Elite construction firms like Piscine De Mone have experienced designers who can create the design of your choice within your budget. 
  • They guarantee quality and their engineers are experts in constructing shotcrete pools to perfection. 
  • They offer installation services as well as maintenance services. In other words, they take full responsibility for their work. 
  • They have multiple designs that can be customized to incorporate all the extra features you need.

Some of the immensely popular pool designs that such construction giants offer are listed below. 

  • Infinity pools with Wet decks
  • Spa pools with jets and LED lights 
  • Jacuzzis in a swimming pool
  • Waterfall and fountain pools with or without lights
  • Fiberglass pools 

In other words, your wish is their command. Yet another commendable benefit that they offer is, they offer valuable suggestions towards incorporating minor structural changes if you’re running on a fixed budget but have a specific design in mind. 

Now that you know what pool construction firms are the best for you, it’s time that you focus on pool maintenance services. 

Such is the relevance of pool maintenance services that manufacturing and installation go hand in hand with maintenance. Without proper maintenance, the structure won’t last long. That said, the ones you should be eyeing are listed below. 

  • Aquatic Consultation Services – Designers offer consultation on what types of pools are best for your surroundings according to your budget. 
  • Presentation Services – These are pre-construction services where you’re presented with a 3D model of how the pool will look after installation. 
  • Filter and Repair Services – Filter services are necessary in order to make sure that water quality is fit for use. Repairing, on the other hand, is needed to ensure that leaks can be mended in time so that the lights, jets, and massagers do not go faulty. 

That said, pool water filtering is necessary because of the following reasons. 

  • Shotcrete can catch chemicals and toxins over time. It’s recommended to use testing filters so that you’re sure about the water quality. 
  • Cartridge filters are suggested because they automatically remove debris like leaves and dirt, even chemicals to a certain extent. 
  • It is necessary to constantly monitor the level of chlorine in water – too high or too low, both require filtering. 

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