Best cladding options for granny flats


Granny flats are becoming increasingly popular owing to the multiple benefits they offer. Most of all, these are excellent spaces for the elderly people of the family. These provide safety and privacy and can be customized according to their needs and comfort. One of the most common questions asked about the granny flats is related to the cladding. You can find granny flat kit homes in QLD in a variety of cladding options each having its own merits and demerits. Here we try to answer this crucial question by providing details about the most popular cladding options.

  • Horizontal vinyl cladding

It generally opts for its low cost and low maintenance properties. You only need to wash them with regular detergent once in five years. It is highly flexible and easy to transport as they do not crack during movement. It also provides thermal insulation similar to bricks. The downside of vinyl cladding is that it is not as sound-proof as other options.

  • Horizontal timber cladding

Timber cladding is also low maintenance and strong. It provides an authentic profile and character and charm to space. It is similar to vinyl cladding when it comes to soundproofing. You can repaint the cladding every four to five years to avoid weathering and get a renewed and fresh look.

  • Fiber cement sheet

Fiber cement sheets are often selected for a more contemporary and modern look. It is a preferred alternative to the cement panels. It is especially used to erect exterior walls inside the ground-floor walls for the upper story support. The downside of this material is its not so good strength. It can get damaged by sharp objects or even with a cricket ball that hits between studs. You would need to paint it every three to five years.

  • Brick-Veneer

It is an excellent cladding option that suits both traditional and contemporary looks. It is a sturdy cladding that needs nearly no maintenance. It matches well and complements the front or main dwelling. It provides exceptional sound insulation. It is highly preferred for the homes being newly constructed. It cost more than the vinyl cladding and occupies floor space.

  • Double brick walls

This is an option for the people who consider privacy, safety, and durability as their priority. It looks modern and considered to add to the value of your property. You do not have to put any effort into maintenance. It is probably the strongest cladding option. It provides great sound insulation and privacy. Considering the cons, it is more expensive than the previously mentioned options and takes too much floor space.

  • Concrete blocks

These are most preferred for safety and privacy. You get a modern look with excellent soundproofing. Concrete blocks are a great option for fire-rated walls. These blocks take a lot of floor space inside the rooms and show cracks in a few years. These are also difficult material for adding new wiring and plumbing. Often concrete panels are used to overcome some of its disadvantages.

  • Metal cladding

Metal cladding is chosen for its low cost. It is cheaper than all cladding options other than the vinyl cladding. This cladding needs minimum maintenance and takes very less inside floor space. However, these options have many disadvantages like heat susceptibility, receptiveness to corrosion, and poor soundproofing.

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