Best Ways to Reduce Cost of a Heavy Digger


A heavy digger is a helpful machine that is used for landscaping, moving earth, demolition, digging, grading and excavating. The most commonly seen heavy diggers include the different types of backhoes and excavators, and these are must have pieces of equipment at any building site. Nonetheless, the machines are fairly costly, so many contractors decide to hire rather than purchase them. Notwithstanding, the cost of operating this equipment is still significant. Here’s some proven ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger:

1) Research the Different Rental Firms

A good way to reduce costs is to choose a heavy digger rental firm with affordable fees. While different companies use identical diggers, their hire fees vary. Certain firms charge more than others. Spend time comparing several firms, prior to choosing one. While you do this, remember the following things to make sure that you obtain the best price:

Choose a rental firm that can offer a flexible package.

Select a firm with various kinds of equipment. It is more cost effective to hire a bulldozer and excavator from a single firm, than two different firms — if this is what you require.

Check that your deal has attachments and equipment included. If you get attachments like grapples, buckets, grading blades and augers, you will not have to search for these things after the rental. Renting these items separately will cost you more money.

Once you have compared the firms against these variables, request some quotations and opt for one that satisfies all your requirements for a reasonable price.

2) Obtain a Digger That is Serviced

Picture renting a digger that malfunctions halfway through your project. You will need to fix it, which will result in major additional expenses above the rental price. Circumvent this by renting a digger that is serviced. Prior to obtaining the machine, the rental firm should examine, service and fix the digger. During the inspection, you ought to be on hand to check that every part is functioning properly.

Be particularly attentive to the electrical system, undercarriage, controls, hydraulic system and attachment system. Be sure that the fluids are all changed. After the machine is fixed and serviced, you can avoid incurring repair costs that you are not to blame for.

3) Use an Operator

You might think that renting an operator is an unnecessary overhead, however it might reduce your total bill. Certain rental firms give you the option to rent machines with operators for an extra fee – for instance, £250. Make the most of this, because it will lower the rental cost overall.

A skilled operator will complete the work quicker than you can, particularly if you have no experience in operating diggers. In addition, a good operator will avoid errors that arise from inexperience and spare you unnecessary delays. In the event that the operator damages the machine, you are not liable to pay anything — the rental firm will have to cover the cost of this.

Closing Summary

Heavy digger hire is a vital service for all building and earthmoving projects. Take heed of the above advice when renting a machine for yourself. Get in touch with FGS Plant if you need to rent heavy digger equipment in kent. We provide packages that are flexible enough to fulfill every contractor’s purposes. Our fees are affordable, and we will give you a free quotation upon request. Speak to us immediately, and allow us to deal with all your equipment hire requirements.

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