DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing: A Step-By-Step Guide



You walk into your kitchen one day and notice the tear and wear accumulated over the years. Those grueling hours you’ve spent in your cooking space have finally caught up, and now you think it’s time to give it a good remodeling.

Remodeling an entire kitchen can be time-consuming and exhausting, but the results will leave you more than satisfied. You can revive your kitchen by interior painting, replacing old appliances, and installing fixtures. One of the best ways to make your kitchen look fresh is by refinishing your cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing means stripping the paint off of existing cabinetry so that you can apply any new color that suits your taste. It’s cheap, environment-friendly, and the best part is you can do it yourself!

How To Refinish Your Cabinets

  • Prepare your materials. These include paper towels, sponges, drop cloths, sandpaper, old clothes, varnish, and paint and paintbrush.
  • Protect the rest of the kitchen. Cover the appliances, countertops, and floors using drop cloths. You’ll also need to protect yourself, so wear gloves and eye protection.
  • Remove the cabinet doors and hardware. Don’t forget to remove the knobs or handles, too, or they’ll get painted over. A good tip is to label each cabinet piece, so you’ll remember where they were supposed to be. Place the screws in clear containers or bags.
  • Clean cabinetry surfaces. The activities done in the kitchen leave grease and stains on your kitchen furnishings. Before sanding, it is best to clean the surface of your cabinets first.
  • Sand cabinetry surfaces. Sanding your cabinet’s surface will help hold the paint more effectively. There is no need to remove existing paint.
  • Apply the primer-sealer. Evenly apply a coat of primer-sealer onto every surface. Doing so will ensure that the coat is properly bonded.  
  • Paint the cabinets. Now that you’ve done the prep work, it is time to apply the paint. Start by painting the interior edges and openings, followed by the exterior sides. Next, work on the doors and drawers. Make sure you coat the entire surface.

Want To Remodel Your Kitchen?

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