How to Renovate Your Kitchen for Less


A kitchen renovation can give your home a vibrant new look. This is the reason homeowners look forward to this undertaking. However, this kind of project comes at a high price. However, just because you do not have the money for a major kitchen redo does not mean you can put off your plan. If your kitchen truly needs a facelift, there are ways to do the project for less. Armoires En Gros renovation experts can help you find ways to minimise the cost of a full kitchen makeover and make your renovation project affordable. Here are tips you should consider:

Have Poorly Functioning Appliances Fixed

If you have poorly functioning kitchen appliances, get them repaired if still possible. You may want to purchase a new fridge, oven, or dishwasher to ensure everything is new in your kitchen. However, if you want to save money, fix the appliances that are not functioning properly instead of getting rid of them. 

Purchase Discounted Items

As you plan your kitchen renovation, try to be as creative and open-minded as possible. Visit garage sales or overstock shops to check out sinks, appliances, and countertops. You may be able to purchase a well-maintained sink at a fraction of the price of a new one. Consider adding old and new elements to give your home a new look. In addition, there are deals on eCommerce websites you can explore. 

Reface the Cabinets

Any kitchen needs functional cabinets and sufficient storage. However, your kitchen cabinets may wear and fade over time and their knobs may fall off from regular use. Because of this, you may think about replacing the cabinets. When you take into account the labour costs, expenses, and time for new sets of cabinets, you may spend a huge part of your renovation budget here. If you want to save on costs, have your cabinets refaced. 

Do Not Change the Layout

Rather than moving your kitchen sink to another area of the room or changing your island’s orientation, try to stick with the original layout. These structural changes can be expensive because of labour charges. Although you may think about getting rid of a wall to connect the kitchen to the dining area, this can add to the renovation cost. 

With nearly all layout changes to the house, you must hire contractors to perform the electrical and plumbing work. Plus, you may need to pull building permits when you change something behind the walls. So, if you want to renovate the kitchen for less, just stick with the same layout, although you can change some minor elements. You may want to consider consulting professional kitchen interior designers to help cut down your kitchen renovation costs or browse their gallery and blogs for more inspiration and guides.

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