Does Retail Store Interior Design Influence Customers Buying Intent? 



You may not notice it when you walk through other stores but retail interior design is present. Many businesses have discovered the competitive edge that interior design can offer them. Let’s take a look at how a store’s design can alter a customer’s buying intent.

There Are Many Aspects Of Design

Before we dive right into how your store design will influence your customer’s interaction with your business, we first need to talk about interior design in general. The design of your store can be broken down into many different aspects. Some of these include the lighting, the product line placement, the decor on the walls, the placement of your cash registers, and so forth. All of these design aspects can be tweaked to alter a customer’s buying intent when they enter your store.

Human Emotions Are The Key To Good Design

This one may take a minute to wrap your head around. However, when a retail space can evoke the right human emotions, they’ll make a sale more often than not. People need to be in a good mood when purchasing a product that they’re happy with. The interior space of your store can make or break how a person feels. For example, if your store is set up with products in every corner like a thrift shop, then it can be overwhelming to the consumer.

When you feel overwhelmed, you tend to withdraw from the intent of buying as you don’t want to pick the wrong item. With so many options it can be difficult to be sure of the one that you’re purchasing. However, compare this to walking into a retail store that has products neatly stacked and separated so that you can easily see what’s available for purchase. You feel more in control because you can clearly see what’s available and choose what you want without fear of missing out on a good deal.

Allow A Customer To Fit In

We’re all likely to spend money in places where we feel like we fit in. There’s a reason that we tend to visit a select number of stores that have the type of items that integrate with our lifestyle. When your target customers walk through the door, you want them to feel like your store is where they fit in. When they feel as if they fit in, they’re more comfortable to spend money there.

One great example of this is with athletic clothes stores. You’ll notice many have a decor on the walls that entail pictures of athletes performing their sport, whether it be running, weightlifting, or football. By displaying these vibrant pictures on the wall, consumers who perform these sports can relate. This connects with them on a personal level that makes them feel as if your store is where they fit in.

As you’ve learned, your store interior design can greatly influence the way your customers interact with your business. If you’re looking for assistance in increasing your sales with retail interior design, then don’t hesitate to contact Heather Allen Design Group. This is a great way to get a major advantage over your industry competitors and increase your annual revenue. 


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