How To Properly Care For Water Heater


Like any home appliance, electric water heater seattle wa needs regular maintenance. In this case, you must strictly follow the instructions for the use of the device. Otherwise, it may fail, for which you’ll have to call water heater service marietta ga.

Basic rules for using a boiler

A good quality boiler can last up to 15 years with proper use.

The basic rules for servicing a boiler are as follows:

  • Before starting the operation of the device, carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer. Each method has its characteristics of the process.
  • An electric water heater is a sensitive device; therefore, it should be regularly serviced.
  • During the heating of the water, the temperature cannot be turned on to the maximum value. This mode of operation may reduce the functionality of the heater. At the maximum performance, the device will work for no more than six months. With the maximum inclusion of the temperature regime of water, there is a high probability of getting a burn if a pipe or hose leaks.
  • Do not turn off the boiler if the shutdown is planned for a short time, for example, for a day or two. In this case, energy-saving will be minimal, and equipment wear will not justify it.
  • If you do not use the heater for a long time, unplug it from the power supply, but do not drain the water. Otherwise, the tank will quickly rust. Before subsequent use, first, remove the water, rinse the tank, fill it with new water and turn it on at full capacity. The temperature is supported for at least 2 hours.

What is the maintenance of the water heater?

The heating element in the boiler, Electric boilers need regular maintenance. It consists of the following:

  • at least one time in 6 months pour entirely out water from the device;
  • Remove the heating element from the housing and carefully inspect, if there is limescale on the heating element, it should be cleaned;
  • Also, consistently meet the hot water service Newcastle for proper maintenance and servicing.

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