FRIK Stick- Far Reaching Insect Killer 


Sick of the creepy crawlies running around the house? It’s time to get rid of them with the help of the frik stick, frik stick is the device which allows you to get rid of insects such as spiders or other bugs without any mess. There are insects everywhere you might see a spier making a web in your study room, or a dragonfly buzzing in your garden, an ant crawling on your floor and they can be anywhere. You might not know where these insects are hiding from you. 

Throwing shoes or books at the insects causes smashes and splashes and you might not even be successful. Fortunately, if you do get the hit, it will be very messy. You can avoid the dead insect remains on your walls or floors with the help of the frik stick. The frik stick grabs the insects and allows you to get rid of it without getting close and nobody wants to clean up the gross mess that is created by following the smash or splash formula with the help of a shoe or any other object. 

The other method to get rid of these creepy bugs that we normally use is the use of the insect killer sprays. The insect killer sprays contain harmful chemicals which can be injurious to health. If you have kids then you must keep them away from the area that has been sprayed with the insect killer

The unique thing of this device is the adhesive pad at the top of the stick, the adhesive pad makes sure that the insect sticks to it without being smashed on the wall. 

All you have to do is to make sure that you make the right angle and use the frik stick to capture the bug at the right time. Once the bug is attached to the adhesive pad, you can easily dispose off without making a mess in your house or any place else. 

Some of the benefits of this device are:

  1. People of all ages can use this device.
  2. It is universally applicable.
  3. Allows you to keep the insects far away from you. 
  4. You can reach the areas which are difficult to reach.
  5. You can dispose of the bugs easily without creating a mess. 

Why do you need the frik stick?

You need the frik stick o keep the annoying insects away from you. You don’t have to make a mess while smashing the bugs with an object. Also, you can prevent insect killer sprays at your home with the help of this device. The frik stick can be used at your home, your office, your garden, and in places where you are unable to catch the insects. 

Every household is in a need of a frik stick to make sure that there are no insects. Also, frik stick is needed to prevent the use of injurious insect killer sprays. However, there is one major problem with the production of the frik stick. Due to this problem, the production has not taken place at a large scale. 

There is a lack of custom molds which are needed for bulk manufacturing, this problem stands in the way of production of this amazing product. Also, marketing and advertising of this product lags behind due to which not a lot of people are aware of it. 

A robust supply of agreements with factories is also needed to manufacture this product at a mass scale. In order to help in the manufacturing of this useful and handy product, you all need to donate money. Your donations will help make a difference and the barriers that come in the way of the production of this product will also be removed. 

To get rid of the insects that are crawling in your home, make sure that you support this product in the form of donation and in the form of awareness as well so that other people can also find out about it and benefit from it. The custom molds are the only thing which are mainly keeping this product to benefit the people. So, make a contribution, get rid of the insects and also help others to get rid of them. 

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