Greater Solutions for the Perfect Housewarming Party


That’s it, you are installed in the roommate. It’s time to introduce your loved ones to your new “home sweet home”. For this, nothing better than a housewarming party. We give you our advice to make this celebration a memorable one. As a part of the moving announcements this is important matter.


List the guests

How many guests can you accommodate? Would you like to limit the number of guests per roommate? Better to agree, history not to moan later on the 15 guests of Gérard who emptied the gin, broke a lamp and ate all the chips (in that order, yes).

How hard is it to find a date? Doodle is there for you

Do your friends and your roommates have ministerial calendars? When it is not the person who has a marriage, it is him who is abroad? Then create a Doodle, that is to say a survey where guests can indicate the different dates that suit them. You will then choose the one that suits the majority. No jealous.


Create a Facebook event

It is one of the easiest options. On the other hand, be careful to create a private event and not a public event, history that your 586 Facebook “friends” are not informed. Name each roommate “co-organizer” so that he can invite his friends. Warn people at least a month in advance. But don’t warn them too soon either, otherwise they’ll forget. Specify the time, the address, what to bring back. The base, what. And make a little reminder in the days before the party: you would be amazed to see how your best friends can be head in the air.

Prepare the premises

Your guests come not only to drown their problems in drinks served in plastic glasses, but also to visit the premises. So, stash your lychee-scented massage oil, sort out the clothes that occupy the “famous chair”, clear the table of mail just waiting to land in the yellow trash can and clean the kitchen worktop.


Optionally push the furniture in order to have a “dance floor” (we assume that the boom of your youth did not traumatize you) and plan as many solutions as possible to sit down, even if it means borrowing from relatives, poufs, folding chairs.

Get organized for the races

Start with a shopping list so you don’t forget anything and take into account everyone’s needs, including those of Sophie who likes neither sparkling drinks nor pickle crisps. Very important too: set a budget. This will save you from breaking the bank because “the towels with the cacti were on sale so we took 3 packs”.

Then take action. Will one roommate take care of all the purchases? Who has the time, who has a car? Will you go with others to make the bags easier to carry? Or maybe you prefer to have your groceries delivered? For the housewarming invites this is important now. Get the best cards that you can go for within your budget.


Prepare a playlist

Certainly, from a certain hour, some guests will monopolize the computer in order to make others benefit from their questionable musical tastes. Do not let that prevent you from welcoming people with lively sounds and, if possible, without interruption through advertisements for shampoo or worse, pregnancy tests,always embarrassing.

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