How to Fix a Broken Iron Fence


You may be wondering whether your wrought iron fence can be repaired to look as good as new. There are ways to restore the original beauty of a wrought iron fence, whether you just moved in and it came with the home, or you haven’t given it any attention in a while. The remedies presented here should be able to restore it to normal functioning. If taken care of, a wrought iron fence may survive for decades.

Step-by-step Guide to Regular Upkeep

Keep an Eye on the Ground

There is a good chance that the area around the fence will get overgrown with weeds, grasses, and vines. Be wary of the litter that has accumulated on the perimeter wall. Maintaining and cleaning your fence on a regular basis will allow it to appear its very best.

Watch for Rust

Corrosion and paint peeling off the metal’s surface are two examples of surface defects that need to be addressed. The use of a wire brush or sandpaper will do this.

After the surface has been sanded, rusty areas should be primed and painted. The fence installation provider should be contacted regarding possible repair kits. You can get what you need at any hardware or home improvement shop if they don’t have it. You’ll need primer, epoxy enamel, and paint to finish the job. To keep from feeling unwell when painting, it is essential to remember to wear a mask.

Damaged or Loose Hardware

Make sure all the fasteners and hinges are in good working condition by inspecting them carefully. If you need new fencing components, contact the company that installed your fence. You should also check the paperwork since the parts could be covered by warranty.

A Routine Clean

You should wash it every few months to preserve its lovely beauty. Simply collecting rainwater isn’t enough. Non-ionized detergent, warm soapy water, and a soft cloth will do the trick. Please ensure that all soap residue has been removed by rinsing thoroughly with water and that the item is dry before using it again. After a thorough machine wash, a quick dry with a towel is all that’s required. It may also be dried in the sun.

Getting Professional Help with Powder

Getting professional help is essential if your powder-coated fence needs fixing. Powder coating is increasingly favored over painting as a means of enhancing the visual appeal and durability of iron fences.

This is due to the fact that its application prevents corrosion and lengthens the material’s lifetime. Consult your fence company if you are unclear whether your fence has been powder coated.

Once you’ve fixed the issue, ongoing maintenance of your wrought iron fence is a must. Make sure that there are no broken or missing fence planks. Further, corrosion should be checked for often. Moreover, you should give it a thorough cleaning once every three months. Maintaining your fence on a regular basis can get you there quickly.

How Do Wrought Iron Fences Get Damaged?

Your wrought iron fence might be compromised or even destroyed if many dangers are present. You have power over certain components of the situation, but other aspects are beyond your sphere of influence.

Keep an Eye on Elemental Exposure

Your wrought iron fence may rust and corrode even though it was manufactured to endure all weather conditions. In all candor, this reoccurring occurrence is the most perilous feature of your fence’s visual appeal. Your fence is vulnerable to corrosion from standing water caused by rain, snow, or ice. In addition to rain and snow, high winds may also weaken your fence’s stability.

No matter how hard you try, there are certain things you just can’t get away from. You may be able to delay the rusting process, though, by doing thorough visual inspections of your fence on a regular basis, particularly after severe weather.


Only metal fences, like iron or steel, rust. For those coming from a background of vinyl or wood fencing, this might be one of the most frustrating features of their new fence. Any problems caused by corrosion must be remedied immediately.

To avoid rusting, read up on preventative maintenance tips.

Your Fence Was Not Built To Hold Large Loads

You should be very careful while hanging anything from your fence or resting against it. A lot of weight may be too much for it to handle. Let’s pretend this load is constantly exerted on the fencepost. This might lead to the post being distorted and broken. Thinner posts on wrought iron fences are not designed to hold a larger weight for long periods of time, but this is true of all wrought iron fences.

You shouldn’t hang anything from your fence until you know for sure it can handle the load. For example, a large poinsettia wreath would not be welcome, but Christmas lights placed around the fence might be quite acceptable. If you have any questions or concerns concerning weight limitations, you should contact the company that erected your fence.

Unintentional Harm Caused by a Collision

If you live on a busy street or around a bend in the road, it is a good idea to install high-visibility lights or reflector sticks on your fence. If you think your car may have caused damage to the fence in your yard, check with your insurance company.

It is probable that your fence may be severely damaged if a huge object, such as a vehicle or a tree limb, crashes against it. Immediately notify the fence provider you hired if you discover an issue with the fence’s stability.


Knowing the potential sources of damage to your wrought iron fence and the care that will be needed to maintain it in excellent condition is in your best interest. Your home’s front door will seem more inviting and attractive with a wrought iron fence around it. Visit if you have any follow-up inquiries after reading this content. We are the company to call since we have been working with fences for over 25 years.

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