How To Give A Luxurious Touch To Your Home?


Fed up of searching & trying for ideas to make your home look expensive? Take the tips of an actual luxury interior designer to find out what is it that makes your home have the luxurious touch. Hint: You don’t always need loads of cash for that. 


  • Add A Variety of Lights


Lighting is the most overlooked and underrated option when it comes to adding the luxurious touch. It’s a good thing that this misconception stays with hobbyists only, as interior designers worldwide put great emphasis on correct lighting. 

In fact, creating a layered lighting style, with a variety of light sources helps to add depth to a room. Pendant lights can replace traditional table lamps, and candles put in reflective containers can also be used as a light source. 

Adjustable lighting is also a great option to make your space look more expensive. What goes wrong with homeowners is they spend a lot on the furniture and décor but ignore the lighting, by opting for the basic lights for just the practical use. You need decorative lighting to bring in the luxury feel. 

  1. Add In Textures 

Try to mix up various textures, while decorating your home. Add in a variety of materials like wood, metal, glass and woven materials. Make sure these textures complement one another. 

For example, if you’re going with a leather chair or sofa, add in a faux-fur blanket in winters or have a wool rug underneath it. Decorate the surrounding area with brass accent pieces and add in a wooden coffee table to finish the look. 

  1. Use Metallics

Metal is the biggest trend that add in the luxurious touch you want for your home. Metal materials can be used to create a decorative accent and can be incorporated via lights, decorative pieces, and even, furniture. 

  1. Use Large Rugs

We don’t recommend small rugs for small spaces. They have a rather dwarfing effect on your space. Opt for large rugs – a bigger rug will make your room feel bigger and airier and automatically, make it look more expensive. 

  1. Go To Thrift Stores

In one of the latest videos of ANSA Interiors on how to save while you splurge on home design, they’ve suggested how you must try out thrift stores and wholesale markets to find out if you can buy cheaper alternatives to what you’re planning for. Doing a little bit more in terms of your shopping and research can actually help you find pieces that are cheaper but invaluable. 

You could also try to find antique pieces from the thrift store, if you’re going for a rustic antique vibe at your home. 

  1. Improve the Interior Architecture

What a lot of homeowners do is get their home built and setup in the usual way, and then try to spend loads of money on buying luxury furniture and art pieces. But it has gone all wrong right from the beginning. There’s only so much you can do to fix it!

By improving the interior architecture, you can also make your room feel more expensive and don’t worry! It’s not necessary to knock down the walls and build an entirely new home to make it happen. Replacing moldings, adding a new coat of paint to the walls and even to the old furniture pieces in-built in the walls can be a step towards improving the interior architecture and finally, achieving the desired luxurious look. 

If you’re looking for professional advice or luxury interior designers, get in touch with ANSA Interiors. They’re the top interior designers in Delhi NCR & Srinagar and can help you with interior design and architectural consultancy. 

We hope these tips helped you out. Now, get going & make a plan how you will transform your existing space into a luxurious den! 

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