How to prevent basement flooding?


If you’re interested in how to avoid basement flooding, this article is for you. We took the time to explain the three leading services for basements that will prevent water damage and provide long-term benefits. Let’s see which one is best for you!

What is basement waterproofing?

The basement waterproofing process is complex and involves three parts. The first one is a professional assessment done by one of our waterproofing experts. In this way, we’ll know which one of the following basement waterproofing techniques is best for your home. 

  • External basement waterproofing refers to implementing an external solution to prevent water from flowing inside. This can involve fixing foundation drainage, improving the surrounding landscape, and fixing wall cracks. In some cases, the drainage system will be repaired and upgraded.
  • Internal basement waterproofing is key to preventing water damage. Always remember that external basement waterproofing is not enough! Interior waterproofing solutions include fixing cracks and breaks in walls, using a waterproof membrane on walls and flooring, and installing a French drain.


What is a sump pump installation?

Did you know that a leaky basement can diminish your house’s value? Well, potential buyers will definitely check the basement. So, you’ll want to prevent basement flooding at all costs. The simplest and most effective solution is a sump pump installation. This is recommended to protect the basement from water damage. And the best part about it is that it will collect and remove any water from your basement. From our experience, we can say that installing a sump pump can save you a lot of money in the future. It will diminish the chances of water damage while keeping your home safe and free from mold.

What is window well installation?

If you’re a homeowner (but not only), you most likely know it is challenging to identify basement flooding’s exact cause. And this is why our experts always recommend implementing several strategies for keeping your basement dry. One of those solutions is installing a window well. This is a structure positioned outside the basement or below grade windows. It is designed to keep your basement moisture-free and clean. Remember that not using a window well allows water to gather against your foundation and potentially seep into your home. So, it is best to be proactive and install a window well. You will prevent water from seeping into your home and causing foundation problems.


These are our leading strategies to prevent basement flooding. Of course, there are several other approaches to this problem. And you can find all about that by asking one of our experts about basement waterproofing solutions. In this way, you will make an informed decision and keep your property safe from water damage. 

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