How to Reinstall Rooftop Solar Panels?


A solar panel is a device that works on renewable energy and consumes less energy and also saves your electricity bill. There are several ways to install solar panels and rooftop is on great demand. If you are planning to install a rooftop solar panel then make sure to evaluate the life of the roof so that you can get a clear picture of the withstand load of the device.

However, if you have already installed the rooftop solar panel and looking for a way to replace the roof due to cracking or allocation of debris then you must go for the few factors that will help you to reinstall the device on the roof.

What are the determining factors to be considered amid reinstalling the rooftop solar panel?

Cost factor

The prime cost that goes into the reinstallation of the device is the labor cost that is associated with the removal of the panels and placing the same on the fresh roof. Unfortunately, it is quite hard to get the estimate but the deciding factors are the size of the roof, panel and the cost rate of labor. The reinstallation of hardware will cost you more and the range lies in between $1500 to $6000.

Consult Installer

The installers provide the professionals who have in hands experience in these works and they have good experience in reinstalling the rooftop solar panels. So, you must consult the firm that had installed the device. Some companies give the warranty of the device including roof maintenance, so if you got the solar panels from them then they will reinstall the device without charging a single penny.

Modify the roof with advanced solar panels

In the present day, there are various roof panels in the market that give catchy look to your roof and easy to install. So, if you find any damage on your roof and need to modify it before installing the solar panel, then you should look for the shingles. The panel is of glass type and water resistance that allows the light to easily penetrate the panel for effective output. The shingles have pattern designs that won’t let you believe that it’s a panel; the appearance of the roof panel will just look like tile.


So, these were the factors that you must consider amid reinstalling the solar panels and if you are installing the first time, then make sure to choose the one that gives you warranty coverage of the roof.  

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