Know A Few Signs of Bed Bug Infestation


Your living place can become very uncomfortable if bed bugs are at home. If these little creatures infest your home, it can become uncontrollable. Due to their presence, you may often get disturbed sleep.

These bed bugs are small insects and they remain hidden in the mattresses, clothing, fabrics, bags, luggage, and picture frames, which makes it difficult to find them.

In case, you are a frequent traveler then you must be cautious as bed bugs generally can come with you through your bags or clothing and infest your home. DIY home remedies may not be very useful to get rid of them. You will need the help of a professional pest control Norman OK to eradicate them.

Often a homeowner may not be aware of its presence for a long time. However, if you start noticing disturbed sleep and feel itchiness then you must start looking for these signs to confirm the bed bug presence so that you can hire an exterminator Norman OK to remove them.

1.   Red itchy bites

Usually, bed bugs feed during night. They bite so smartly that most people cannot feel their bite. However, few can have a little disturbed night. Often people get an itchy sensation at the place where they had bitten.

2.   Presence of moldy odor at home

Once you start smelling their musty odor, which indicates that this pest is somewhere around in great number. Often you may sense their smell as you enter the room.

3.   Bloodstains noticed on bed sheets and pillowcases

Often you will notice blood spots on your bedsheets and pillowcases, and these stains will not be limited only to bedding, but also visible on your walls, behind pictures.

4.   Beds are filled with bed bugs

A bed filled with these bed bugs will be a problem after you sleep on it. Now you will start feeling their bites even when you awake. If you can see bed bugs then it is a sign of their infestation.

5.   Bed bugs skins

Mostly bed bugs shed their skin before the nymphs become full adults. In case, you can see such shed skin everywhere then surely you have bed bugs at home.

6.   Seeing live bed bugs

Once you start seeing live bed bugs moving around your bed then it is a confirmed case of infestation.

7.   Neighbors also have bed bugs

If there is a severe bed bug infestation in the house of your immediate neighbor then sooner than later, these pests will also be found in your home as they easily travel from one place to other.

8.   Black spots on the walls

You will also often notice a certain black spot on the walls which indicates their presence in your home.

Once your home is infested with bed bugs then it will be very difficult to remove them unless you hire the services of complete pest control OK, who can only provide you complete relief from this pest.

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