Maintaining Your Air Conditioner


Shut off the power to the unit. Transform the condenser button to the “off” position. At your house’s breaker box, switch off the breaker. You don’t desire it is turning on while you have your hands near the fan blades!


  • Clean the condenser. If your condenser is on the roofing, there probably won’t be much to clean. If it’s at the ground, you are going to probably have debris in it. Eliminate the grate on the fan as well as vacuum any particles discovered inside. With a yard tube, spray the fins from the within out. Never utilize a pressure washing machine. The fins are very thin as well as can damage easily.
  • Evaluate the fins. They are really slim and can bend easily. If you visualize damaged spots, when the fins gets flattened, align them carefully with a fin tool or butter knife. Beware not to harm the tube in the fins.
  • Collect any type of debris from ground level away from inside the condenser as well as prune any bushes or branches away a minimum of 2 feet.
  • Level the condenser. As soil clears up, it’s not unusual for the condenser pad to get off-level. Utilizing shims as well as the degree, you can bring the condenser back to a level setting.

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  • Clean the coils of the evaporator. These should be behind a door over where the blower motor is. It might be secured with aluminum foil tape. Open the cover as well as utilize the soft paintbrush to dirt off the coil. Next off, spray the coil with coil cleaner, letting it leak into the drain pan. After that, tidy the drainpipe frying pan with soap and hot water. Adding a drainpipe pan tablet to the frying pan can aid in avoiding algae development as well as expenses. Make certain the drain streams openly. If it does, you can miss the next action.
  • Clean the drain of the evaporator. This is normally a 1-inch PVC pipeline coming off the evaporator room. Follow it to where it drains out. Affix the dry/wet vacuum cleaner to this end, sealing it with duct tape or with a cloth. Eliminate the vacuum cleaner’s filter to stay clear of harming it and transform the vacuum on for 2 to 3 minutes to remove any type of clog.
  • Modification of the filter. This should be done two times a year on cooling/heating systems, when at the start of the cooling season as well as at the start of the warming period.
  • Turn the power back on as well as allow it to go via a complete cycle. If it’s not cooling as it is utilized, it’s time to call a pro, such as Abacus air conditioning.

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