Moving Up: Selling Your Home and Buying Another



Published by: Jenn nawada

It’s easy to get confused when you are trying to move out of your new home while buying a new house. With so many things happening simultaneously, you tend to forget about the small details. 

Things like the closing schedules and deadlines can bring much pressure. That is why you need careful planning before buying or selling a property. Remember that the real estate market doesn’t stay the same all the time. 

You have to know when to look for houses and put your property on the list. You also have to find people who buy houses and real estate agents. Below are some valuable tips on getting you through your house purchase and sale.

Safely Buy And Sell Property Without Risking Too Much

  • Be Financially Stable Before Making Any Big Moves

Buying property is not a small task to take. You will need to have a stable financial standing. It can be easy to plan things such as selling a house today and buying another tomorrow. 

The downside to this is that you leave no room for mistakes. Many things could happen that could mess up your plan. 

The worst-case scenario is that you run out of funds or savings. You don’t want to be stuck paying for two mortgages while you wait for your home to be sold on the market. Planning your finances helps you avoid risky situations like this.

  • Set A Closing Date Agreement On The Get-Go

Buying and selling properties is not all about getting home buyers. Time is crucial, and you have to negotiate your way around it. If you want to get the best possible outcome from the house, you’re selling. You need to set the correct closing deadline.

Remember that your goal isn’t closing the deal as fast as you can. The end goal is that the home buyer agrees to the same closing period of any contingencies. 

When you talk to a potential buyer, be clear on the dates. Deciding on the closing date is the central part of the negotiation and can affect the overall outcome of the deal.

  • Observe The Real Estate Market

Don’t take the real estate market for granted. The way the market moves is vital when deciding to buy or sell any property. Be wary of the climate in the market. 

If it’s too hot, grab the opportunity to add your property to the list. When it gets cold, it would be the right time to search for houses.

    • When you are working with an agent, they will help you decide when to list your property. Your agent should already have the data and the knowledge about the local real estate market.
    • If you aren’t working with an agent, you could contact companies that buy houses for cash. These companies can help buy your property without needing an agent. 
    • You no longer need to process everything on your own by working with companies like these. House buying companies can buy your property for you and deliver you the cash in a short amount of time.
  • Real Estate Agents And House Buying Companies

The amount of work and papers you need to handle when buying or selling properties can be overwhelming. 

That is why homeowners are looking for real estate agents to help them through the process. You can always opt to hire a trusted real estate agent if you are unsure of the next steps.

  • Real estate agents can give you data and recent prices of properties in your area. They will also help calculate an attractive price for the property you wish to sell. 

They can also help you know how much equity you have and what possible net proceeds you will receive.

  • On the other hand, cash for houses companies don’t function as agents. These are companies that you can sell your property to without going through any agents. 

The great thing about house buying companies is that you don’t need to handle any paperwork. 

All you need to do is discuss the price you want for your property and come to a conclusion. Companies that buy homes for cash would also usually send inspection teams to help them create an offer for you to accept or reject.

  • Be Prepared With A Plan B

Don’t just rely on your plans for buying and selling your house. Always consider that things could go wrong in the future and you need another plan that you can use in emergencies. 

Be careful even if you have already considered contingencies on your plans and schedule. Make your plan flexible and open to changes. Always give ample time for closings to provide yourself with more room to adjust. 

What backup plans should you go with buying or selling properties?

  • A popular option is renting out your current home to have a continuous flow of income while maintaining two properties.
  • Another plan is to ask potential buyers for a rent-back agreement. That type of agreement lets you remain in the property after closing it. You then begin paying rent to the new owners until you find a new place to stay.

When Are You Ready To Buy And Sell A Property?

Buying and selling property is never an easy job. That is why there are real estate agents and house buying companies out there to help you. You only need to reach out to the one you want to assist you in managing your properties.

Wait for the right timing before selling your home. Patience can help you immensely, especially when dealing with an unpredictable market. Secure a contract with the buyer you chose to sell your property.

When buying a home, go over your finances. be ready for any changes and select which properties you choose to purchase. Limit or list down options on what kind of property you prefer buying. Don’t be too hasty and always think things over.

Preparation is the key when managing your properties. Never go over what you could afford financially. Communicate with your agent or house buying company if you have any concerns or questions about your property.


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