Should someone install CCTV themselves or get a professional to do it?


Everyone has heard of regular security systems that allow people to remotely watch their children or even open their door from their office, but not everyone has heard of CCTV security systems.

Standard security systems are ones available from many businesses, most of which aren’t security companies and are easy to install. CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and is a more complex system than others. Many people, though, wonder if they can install CCTV systems themselves or can they be DIY, like regular systems?

First of all, CCTV systems are more complex and that does mean that they are more difficult to install than regular security systems. Here are the pros and cons of professional installation versus DIY installation:

DIY is cheaper – This is always true of any DIY project. The simple fact is that it’s always more inexpensive to install something on one’s own. This is a good idea if the security company that sold the equipment charges extra to install it. Most, however, will include the cost of installation in the price of the equipment!

DIY requires careful planning – This is an issue for anyone doing DIY for CCTV systems. Be careful. It’s expensive equipment, and if it gets broken, you’ve already bought it!

Mistakes lie with the person who does DIY! If any mistakes are made when doing DIY, it’s up to the homeowner to find the problem and fix it, which can be time-consuming, if the problem is found at all.

Professionals are trained – A security professional is trained to install a security system and they know what they’re doing. This means much fewer mistakes and a more streamlined installation that takes quite a bit less time.

Mistakes are their problem! If a professional installer makes a mistake, they have to fix it, and at no extra cost. That goes with the package and they’re responsible for making the homeowner happy with the work that’s been done.

It’s usually free – The best part of having a professional install a security system is that it’s usually covered in the purchase of the system. There might be a few companies out there who separate the costs and make it optional, but it’s actually in a security company’s interest to install it as a part of the cost. Here’s why: they know that these systems are more complex than others and that it would be more difficult for the homeowner to install it themselves.

They also know that if a person installs the system, something could go wrong, and then they’re likely to get the call to fix the problem! As a result, they might as well cut out the middleman and install it!

Security companies also want to ensure repeat business and a happy customer recommends them. By installing the system, they are more likely to have a functional one that the customer is satisfied with.

In the end, it is up to the customer as to whether or not they want to install a CCTV system themselves. It can be cheaper for them, but professionals are trained to do it and that does come with guarantees!

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